MVC controls & Web API3 services contain runtime licensing which means the library requires a unique key to be validated at runtime. Each application that uses MVC Edition controls or Web API3 services in ASP.NET Core project requires a unique license key. This page gives you a high level overview of how to license your app.

Evaluation Keys

Evaluation keys are good for 30 days, and should not be distributed with published apps.

  1. Generate an evaluation key for each app (unlimited for 30 days).

Fully Licensed Keys

Fully licensed keys never expire so long as your app uses a version of ComponentOne Studio MVC Edition, Studio Enterprise or Ultimate included with your subscription. You can update apps beyond your subscription end date so long as you continue to use a valid version of MVC Edition or Web API Edition.

  1. Purchase and register your serial number.
  2. Generate a full key for each app (unlimited).

How to License Your App

Add the generated License.cs class to your project and assign the key in the Startup.cs of the Mvc/WebApi for Asp.Net Core project:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
C1.Web.Mvc.LicenseManager.Key = License.Key;
//for Web API use as below
//C1.Web.Api.LicenseManager.Key = License.key;

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