ActiveX Edition

FlexGrid and VSVIEW are great tools. We use them intensively in our development.

Amnon Rapoport CEO Planium Software

We purchased VSFlexGrid Pro because it included an API, which enabled quick development, automatic printing, and lots of options for formatting and displaying. It was also easy to use and helped to satisfy the requirements of the client, all for a very affordable price.

Brian Katz Owner Useful Engineering

ComponentOne VSVIEW Classic Edition and ComponentOne VSFlexGrid Pro were used in Building Works because both components were easy to use, well documented with sample code and help files, and great time savers when implementing complex feature sets.

Jim Durham Owner Vertaco

We selected ComponentOne products for ease-of-use and fast integration into the application development cycle. The products specifically provide bound ActiveX controls for database interaction, as well as reports and presentation tools, plus they’re all very simple to use, and offer feature rich functionality. I have been able to automate the creation of 1,000’s of user accounts quickly, reliably and with a measurable consistency... More...

Eugene Smith Technical Services School District 67

Thanks for the follow-up. I hope to speak with you more as we look at upgrading many of our components and techniques to VB.NET.

Louis Orlando Vice President Swearingen Software Inc.

... none of the components even came close to providing the level of programmability and customization that ComponentOne’s did, let alone documentation. It was then an easy decision to go with ComponentOne. More...

Nate Cook Programmer/Analyst

ASP.NET Web Forms Edition

Let me just say that I am extremely pleased... especially with the grouping and sorting functions. Y'all have made me look great! ... I haven't found an attribute yet that I haven't been able to access programmatically at run time, giving me complete control over the user experience! More...

Rob Hudson Developer MyDistrict.Net

The XML automatically generated truly object oriented deployment via drag and drop, and setting properties. I only had to type 3 lines of code! More...

Alison Richardson Project Leader City of Philadelphia, MOIS

I took much time to research your products; I like your development tools and recommended them for use in our company. There are so many new concepts and methods included in your products.

Zhenying Wang Engineer

Fantastic product by the way. I compared several while I was shopping around and found your suite to be the best by far.

Eric Lee Associate

We are delighted with the ComponentOne subscription we purchased. The products are absolutely great!

Tony Robson Programmer Databus Computer Systems

I was extremely happy with the support I received from the ComponentOne representative I spoke with. I wish all software companies could provide this level of support.

Rachhpal Sahtoa

ComponentOne Studio®

What started as simple request, became a new feature, ready for us to implement, for our customer to see and use, and for Component One to add to their fascinating features. More...

Naser Arab Computer Engineer Verisis A.S.

The ComponentOne Studio product line provides developers controls and solutions that integrate easily with Visual Studio More...

Mitra Azizirad General Manager, Developer Platform Marketing Microsoft Corp

I’ve tried all the major 3rd party .Net Tools vendors over the years and I always find that ComponentOne wins out when it comes to documentation and support. Comprehensive, clear and helpful.

Ged Mead .NET MVP 2005-2016

As an ISV I need tools that allow me to be competitive. Therefore it's a must to use reliable and stable tools for customized solutions. Not only that, I'm also depended on a knowledgeable and flexible support. ComponentOne provides all that to me and even more!

Dennis Wallentin Microsoft MVP (Excel)

V3 is a very nice polished release, and breathes fresh life into WinForms apps for a good while to come. More...

Dom Sinclair Owner, View to Learn

If you do Visual Basic development like I do, there’s just no way to live without the ComponentOne suite of tools. I highly recommend giving ComponentOne a try! More...

James Summerlin

Easier to use right off the bat. I liked using the Scheduler for drag-and-drop capability.

Michelle Gibson Software Engineer

The only .NET control tools we trust. They scale well and meet all the needs of our diverse development needs (Web, WinForms, etc.). We have retired all other vendors as a result.

Rick Erickson Senior Systems Architect

... none of the components even came close to providing the level of programmability and customization that ComponentOne’s did, let alone documentation. It was then an easy decision to go with ComponentOne. More...

Nate Cook Programmer/Analyst

I can be confident that if I need to do a particular task, ComponentOne will have the control to do the job. The controls I have used are stacked with properties, methods and events that enable me as a programmer to have granular control in making a program work as desired... More...

Silv Sordello Software Developer

I would like to take this opportunity and express my total satisfaction from your state of the art product. Your product met my needs entirely and is proven to posses many characteristics and qualities that I was looking for. I am also impressed with the flexibility of your product and its ability to answer several of my needs at once. More...

Dan Oren

Using tools within the Microsoft ecosystem, ComponentOne has extended charting capabilities with advanced features such as trend lines and scaling. More...

Dave Mendlen Senior Director of Developer Marketing Microsoft Corp.

Using tools within the Microsoft ecosystem, ComponentOne has extended charting capabilities with advanced features such as trend lines and scaling. More...

Dave Mendlen Senior Director of Developer Marketing Microsoft Corp.

When I run into complex problems, I turn to my ComponentOne Studio Enterprise toolbox. More...

Ken Spenser Microsoft Regional Director Framework Masters

By working together, ComponentOne and Esri can provide businesses with the ability to improve analysis and decision-making by integrating geographic information into their existing workflows.

Josh Lewis Director Esri Partner Network Esri

The biggest challenge we faced was to quickly navigate the learning curve in migrating from a Visual Basic 6 and ASP developer to .NET. Key practices included careful planning and research of the best use of tools, development of small pieces of re-useable code, and use of 3rd party tools like ComponentOne Studio Enterprise controls. WinForms and WebForms controls, such as the ones included in ComponentOne Studio Enterprise can be rapidly built and are very easy to maintain. More...

Chuck Ritzke Owner, Consultant, and System Designer Problem Solving Enterprises, Inc.

... Thank you for prompt answers. It is nice to see that the best set of components also have the best support! More...

Jukka Hossi Active Server Works ASW

We amended our category choices this year to be more reflective of the products on the market in alignment with Microsoft Tech Ed categories. Close to 300 products and services were nominated this year. Narrowing down the list of nominees to 35 finalists, from so many highly qualified products and services, was an exhaustive process for our judging panel. We chose ComponentOne based on their innovation, strategic importance to the market, competitive advantage and exceptional value to customers.

Jason Bovberg Senior Editor Windows IT Pro

Microsoft is excited about ComponentOne’s support for Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5. This suite of rich presentation controls provides a more seamless design-time experience in both Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Blend.

Brian Goldfarb Product Manager in the Developer Platform & Tools Team Microsoft

Even in today’s challenging economic climate, ComponentOne continues to lead with innovative products, just as they have done for the past 22 years. More...

Alan Zeichick Editorial Director SD Times

ComponentOne Studio® Entity Framework Edition

Overall I found the Studio for Entity Framework capable and well thought out. If you are already using the Entity Framework this product will fit into your environment with little effort in return for greater flexibility and greater robustness in your solutions.

Tim Murphy Solution Architect PSC Group, LLC

I think the biggest gains are in the LiveLINQ libraries, and their WPF extensions. This could have saved man weeks for my current client. The UI integration was simple, straight forward, and it handled transactions beautifully.

Devlin Liles Principal Consultant Improving Enterprises

One of the main points is the C1DataSource, it shows a level of simplicity through the property dialogs that allows you to move right along with, for example, how you need to present, filter (server side) and sort data. The same can be said on how simple it is to implement different paging options, it does take into consideration working with this from a client side as well as managing it server side.

Enrique Lima

Entity Framework is Microsoft’s recommended data modeling technology for new applications. We’re very pleased to be working with outstanding VSIP partners, such as ComponentOne, offering products to enhance the framework by providing additional functionality and seeking to improve the overall user experience.

Robin Cole Senior Director of Visual Studio Integration Partners Microsoft Corp.

ComponentOne Studio® for Compact Framework

We needed to quickly construct mobile documentation software with ease-of use, a comprehensive feature set, and flexibility. ComponentOne FlexGrid for Mobile Devices provided us with just that, plus saved us hours of work and coding.

Ryan Havlick Vice President Hands On Technology

I am QUITE impressed by your response and the response of others at ComponentOne in the past 24 hours. You have exceeded my expectations with great promptness and action taken... More...

Fred Stephens Software Engineer Contractor

ComponentOne Studio® Windows Phone Edition

After integrating the ComponentOne PdfViewer control in a Windows Phone application, we came across a PDF file that contained an image in a non-supported format. After contacting technical support, I provided a copy of the PDF file and, within days, an updated PdfViewer was made available that fixed the issue. Outstanding service!

Jeff Bramwell Visual Studio ALM MVP

With another Windows Phone application, we had a need to view/edit/save rich text. The only component I located that met our requirements was the RichTextBox from ComponentOne. Within minutes, I had the component integrated into the application.

Jeff Bramwell Visual Studio ALM MVP

ComponentOne Support Services

For several years we have had consistent first class support from qualified people who are dedicated to promptly and efficiently helping software developers progress with their project work as smoothly as possible, whilst creating the highest quality state-of-the-art software systems. More...

Phil Best Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard Developer & System Architect Strategy Map

... It's nice to get prompt support from people who know about their product in-depth. More...

John Grove Software Developer EM&TS Division, TFD Group

ComponentOne Ultimate™

ComponentOne offers the most well-rounded offering of tools and components covering all the major platforms. More...

Randy Hearn Senior Research Analyst Info-Tech Research Group

ComponentOne XapOptimizer™

The ComponentOne XapOptimizer is cool. We optimized 1MB file and it was reduced to 500Kb. Good Job!

Ivan Dragoev Product Manager SilverlightShow

Wow... It almost HALFED the size of my application and works perfectly. This is amazing.

Jerrod Horton Software Engineer Extreme Silverlight Products

ComponentOne's XapOptimizer allows Microsoft .NET developers to easily reduce the size of their Silverlight applications while protecting sensitive code, which increases overall developer productivity. More...

Brad Becker Director of Rich Client Platforms and Tools Microsoft Corporation

Excel for .NET

I heavily use ComponentOne’s Studio Enterprise for Visual Studio 2005 components, and they save me tons of time and just simply work. When I run into complex problems, I turn to my ComponentOne Studio Enterprise toolbox... Implementing a solution took only 30 minutes from the time I discovered I had the ComponentOne Excel for .NET component to completion. That’s power! More...

Ken Spencer Microsoft Regional Director

FlexGrid for Compact Framework

We needed to quickly construct mobile documentation software with ease-of use, a comprehensive feature set, and flexibility. ComponentOne Studio FlexGrid provided us with just that, plus saved us hours of work and coding.

Ryan Havlick Vice President - Hands On Technology

LightSwitch Edition

Ok folks, I am ‘gonna call it’, we have the “Killer Application” for LightSwitch, ComponentOne's OLAP for LightSwitch. More...

Michael Washington Los Angeles County Office of Education

The drag and drop feature that we are able to implement in LightSwitch using the ComponentOne LightSwitch Grid and Rich Text editor provided a sleek and professional user interface and customer experience that would have taken us months to develop were it not for the ComponentOne tools.

Michelle Swann-Renee Executive Vice President FMS, Inc

The bottom line is that our time taken to deliver attractive and functional reporting capabilities took us days or weeks, not the months we would have faced without Studio for LightSwitch.

Mark Runge CEO Skemaz

Without requiring any programming knowledge, ComponentOne Scheduler for LightSwitch gives users the ability to easily add a familiar scheduling screen into the applications they’re building with LightSwitch. We’re excited to have ComponentOne integrate this valuable functionality into the LightSwitch platform.

Robin Cole Senior Director of Visual Studio Integration Partners Microsoft Corp.

ComponentOne's Studio for LightSwitch offers LightSwitch developers valuable increased functionality, helping them deliver quickly and easily on users' expectations of having rich, immersive experiences, that leverage existing systems and data sources, available from a variety of connected devices.

Jay Schmelzer Principal Program Manager of LightSwitch Microsoft

Silverlight Edition

Great looking Silverlight controls that work! The C1DataGrid and other Silverlight components are fast, and will do what you need, when you need it.

Charles Silbernagel Software Designer Matrix Solutions

I have used many other grids before finding that the FlexGrid is the highest performance and most flexible grid available. More...

Greg Gum Founder and Lead Software Engineer

From inside Silverlight, I can create the PDF and display it immediately, resulting in a seamless reporting experience. I highly recommend it! More...

Greg Gum Founder and Lead Software Engineer

ComponentOne FlexGrid is brilliant. You want it to look and act like Excel, and ComponentOne FlexGrid is the first control that does it properly. More...

Rusty Johnson CTO sharpcloud

ComponentOne’s Silverlight 4 controls will allow developers to more easily and efficiently implement Analytics support for their Silverlight applications without having to modify the code within their existing controls. More...

Steve Sklepowich Director for Silverlight Microsoft Corp.

ComponentOne’s latest release continues to raise the bar by adding features that will allow users to consume larger amounts of data in Silverlight without compromising the user interface. More...

Brad Becker Director of Rich Client Platforms and Tools Microsoft Corporation

Who said you can’t show HTML in Silverlight? That’s not true with C1 RichTextBox for Silverlight. It solved us tons of problems and enabled our RIAs to be updateable from our current CMS using plain old HTML.

Emil Stoychev CTO CompletIT

What a difference FlexGrid makes. The fact that it performs so well, isn’t clunky, and that you can edit properly is a revelation.

Rusty Johnson CTO sharpcloud

This year was a remarkably exciting year for the Jolt Awards because there were so many strong contenders in every category. The selection of ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight as the winner in the Libraries, Frameworks and Components category puts it among an elite group of software development innovators.

Amber Ankerholz Conference Manager SD West

By using Microsoft products like Visual Studio and Silverlight, the ComponentOne ClearStyle™ technology provides developers with a custom set of tools and controls to utilize during the application development process. We are pleased to work with ComponentOne to deliver quality technologies that make the most use of Microsoft’s developer offerings.

Cyrill Glockner Director of Business Development Microsoft

Microsoft is pleased that ComponentOne has shown support for Silverlight and the next-generation application development platform, and is today simultaneously announcing ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight. Products like ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight help developers use their existing skills to create unique experiences that run across many and varied devices.

Brian Goldfarb Director of the Developer Platform Group Microsoft Corp.

UWP Edition

Researching several development forums led us to your controls.  Clear and easy to follow licensing,  pdf/xlsx/docx support, great product support, frequent update cycles, clear API, great samples are reasons why we will be choosing ComponentOne Studio – UWP Edition.

John Casteel Sr. Investigative Analyst IRS CI

I am really enjoying the Calendar control for Windows 8, it is very easy to use and it has saved me hours of programming.

Jonathas Sucupira Software Developer Bloomin Brands

WinForms Edition

I love the FlexGrid control. It makes my life easier.

Tim Fageness Senior Software Engineer REI

I find the reporting tools to be excellent. The Crystal Reports and Access conversion tools and unlimited run-time distribution are all great.

John Thistlethwaite Developer and Director Apptius

TrueDBGrid really became my “go to” grid because it offered so many features out of the box. More...

Ira Dobrow Automobile Insurers Bureau (AIB)

With ComponentOne Reporting, we have been able to cut our programming time in half by seamlessly converting hundreds of reports directly into our application.

Levi Knebusch Cactus Feeders, LLC

I purchased ComponentOne FlexGrid and it saved my project... [ComponentOne FlexGrid] features as well as the smart way that the grid scrolls vertically, have turned my project from a test program into a polished professional product with a secure financial future. More...

Phil Best C# SQL Software Developer & Electrical Engineer Strategy Map

Using your tool has been very straight forward and extremely productive. I must admit as a VB6 programmer it has been a VERY frustrating process to overcome the learning curve of the .NET environment. But your FlexGrid for WinForms tool works very similar to the VB6 version I'm already using. It has been refreshing to work with something that looks and acts familiar to your ActiveX version (VSFlexGrid Pro)... More...

Scott Stephen Stephen Advanced Technology, Inc.

I switched to ComponentOne from another vendors offering and found C1's solution to be just what I needed: fast, lightweight and professional looking while still being easy to learn and use!

Greg Gum

ComponentOne is the only solution that provided both high quality and performance optimized UI components along with a world-class reporting solution.

Robert Collins President Brisinger Group

With ComponentOne Reports for WinForms, I was able to do more in two weeks than I achieved in a month with another vendor’s solution. More...

David Kepple Software Engineer ASPEX

True DBGrid has some really cool features, and it provides easy solutions to common programming requirements. The Export to Excel and Export to PDF were really big time savers and enhanced my application that much more.

Tom Russell Software Developer ALSTOM

...when I needed an upgrade to the grid that I distribute with our software product, I found, once again, that ComponentOne went one step beyond what I expected. More...

Brian Davis Technical Services Edulink

...I am a .NET developer myself and I am very impressed with your controls. More...

Levi Page Project Manager

I frequently use both grids included in this studio, FlexGrid and True DBGrid. I highly recommend these tools to any professional developer. More...

Pablo Tilotta Administrator VB-MUNDO

ComponentOne Reports for WinForms is extremely easy to use, the learning curve is minimal and related support calls have decreased, overall enabling us to increase our productivity. It also gives us more control with the ability to enhance the base controls, expand the application, and the per licensing fee allows for low cost deployment.

Diego Loyola Software Engineer Four Rivers Software

Offerings such as ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms helps customers maximize the power of the .NET Framework to deliver key business results. More...

Cliff Simpkins Senior Product Manager for the .NET Framework Microsoft Corporation

Excellent controls! We are using them for many years, and we are very satisfied!

Misel Gosic

I am very much pleased and satisfied with ComponentOne controls and the support team who have been giving me suggestions and guidelines. I have never felt the need to choose another control because of its reliability, quality and instant support.

Rajesh Gupta Application Software Developer

Thank you very much for your help. I'm extremely grateful to you for it!

John Gamble Project Manager Glaser Technology, Inc.

With just a single click, developers using ComponentOne controls can now apply an entire control design to any of the controls in the ComponentOne Studio [WinForms Edition]. More...

Joseph Burke President StudioWorks Software

The custom application, using TrueDBGrid that the ComponentOne support department provided me works like a charm! The behavior is *exactly* what we need, and exactly what I was unable to create on my own. Our task now is to incorporate this code model into our production application currently in development, which I am confident we can do very easily. More...

Barry Marcus Senior Developer Inspherion, Inc.

You have an employee on your help desk that was beyond fantastic in helping with an issue. He was extremely professional, very tolerant and understanding, and most important exact with his responses... More...

Dave Mann Development Contractor

By supporting the new SSRS reporting model, such as RDL report definitions, ComponentOne has given our developers a way to integrate existing reports and create new reports using the C1RdlReport component. More...

Steve Sklepowich Director of Partner Marketing for Developer Platform & Tools Microsoft Corp.

WPF Edition

As someone who has supported ComponentOne's grid control back to the VSFlexGrid days, I appreciate you guys putting the time and effort into developing FlexGrid for Silverlight/WPF. I have to say that I don't like the DataGrid but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the FlexGrid. It's like a Swiss army knife and I will never switch!

Darrin P. Dyson Director of Development and Systems Integration Venable LLP

...This suite of rich presentation controls provides a more seamless design-time experience in both Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Blend. More...

Brian Goldfarb Product Manager in the Developer Platform & Tools Team Microsoft

The FlexGrid gives us the ability to quickly develop data entry screens and administration views for our suite of County Government Applications with the 'flexibility' and customization our customers demand without a deep learning curve. More...

Shayne Boyer Senior Software Architect Pioneer Technology Group


The advanced UI controls and features that Xuni offers complement the Xamarin.Forms ecosystem, improving developer productivity and enabling them to easily produce enterprise-grade apps for all devices with C# and XAML. More...

Joseph Hill Director of Developer Relations Xamarin

Zip for .NET

The use of these controls allowed us to add extra functionality and get our product to the marketplace more quickly. The ComponentOne Zip control was very helpful in zipping the manifest and other files... More...

Jeff Rhodes Chief Technical Officer Platte Canyon

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