A Simple CRUD Application Using Wijmo FlexGrid and Angular 2

12/18/2016 - You can implement an advanced Angular 2 data grid using the Wijmo FlexGrid control. In this example, we will use the control to implement a simple data grid that allows users to add, edit, and delete Products. The code required will be significantly less than the code required to implement the exact same functionality in previous articles.

The week in .NET – On .NET on MyGet – FlexViewer – I Expect You To Die

12/06/2016 - Package of the week: FlexViewer by ComponentOne - There are many ways to do reporting with .NET, and choosing one can be daunting. ComponentOne build, maintains, and supports a full lineup of components, including reporting.

Angular interoperability features heavily in Wijmo update

09/2016 - GrapeCity wants developers to work in the framework or library of their choice. The company recently released version 2 of its HTML5 and JavaScript solution, Wijmo, with new support forJavaScript frameworks such as Angular 2 and Knockout.

GrapeCity’s Xuni 2016 v1 release aims to improve mobile experience

05/2016 - SD Times - GrapeCity is extending its cross-platform mobile controls in its latest release of Xuni. Xuni is the company’s collection of cross-platform UI controls for Android, iOS and Xamarin Platform. The latest features are designed to provide new functionality in order to improve a user’s mobile experience.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Microsoft Dynamics Adds Mobile Controls Powered By Wijmo 5

05/31/2016 - Microsoft Customer Stories - In preparation for the 2016 update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, they had to be sure that their new mobile capabilities would be easy to use and intuitive. To create the interface, Microsoft turned to Wijmo 5, a collection of JavaScript UI controls by GrapeCity, a Visual Studio partner.

Wijmo's UI Tools Lend Ease of Use to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

04/11/2016 - MSDynamicsWorld.com - Early in March, GrapeCity, Inc. announced that Microsoft had incorporated a line of HTML5 and JavaScript products developed by its Wijmo division within its 2016 update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

GrapeCity Releases Ultimate 2016 v1 with Full Angular 2 Support and a new UWP edition

03/21/2016 - SD Times - GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, today released GrapeCity Ultimate, its world-renowned offering which bundles the data and UI controls from ComponentOne Studio, Wijmo and Xuni together for web, desktop and mobile business application development. The first release of 2016 includes full Angular 2 support in Wijmo, the RTW release of Studio UWP Edition, and new controls including OLAP for Wijmo, FlexSheet for MVC and FlexPivot for WinForms, all which empower developers to spend less time coding and more time innovating.

LightSwitch for Cloud Business Apps 2015 v3 Release

12/24/15 - LightSwitch Help Website - Michael Washington reviews the recent 2015 v3 release of ComponentOne Studio LightSwitch Edition, focusing on new Input and Calendar controls for Cloud Business Apps.

9 Top .NET UI Component Collections

9/8/15 - Visual Studio Magazine - You don't need to reinvent the wheel every time a project calls for a pie chart. Here are nine different providers of not just individual controls, but huge collections that cover everything from simple menus and sophisticated data grids, to interactive charts and configurable dashboards.

Four New ComponentOne Wijmo Controls for LightSwitch Cloud Business Apps

8/2/15 - LightSwitch Help Website - Michael Washington reviews the new controls included in ComponentOne Studio LightSwitch Edition, including FlexChart, FlexPie, Gauges, and BulletGraph for LightSwitch Cloud Business Applications.

GrapeCity launches new version of ComponentOne Studio with Web API and Visual Studio 2015 support

7/17/15 - SD Times - GrapeCity has announced the 2015 v2 release of its ComponentOne Studio product, a world-renowned suite of data and UI controls for professional .NET developers building Windows, web and mobile applications. The v2 ComponentOne Studio release offers software developers innovative productivity tools for building sleek, high-performing, feature complete applications.

SD Times 100 2015 Top of the Heap

6/15/15 - SD Times - "To be caught up in the SD Times 100 prize hook, companies must demonstrate that they have been innovative. Did their work advance the state of the art of software development?"

Exploring The GrapeCity Wijmo 5 FlexGrid

4/9/15 - LightSwitch Help Website - "GrapeCity has made a major release, incorporating their popular Wijmo 5 FlexGrid into a plug-in for LightSwitch and Cloud Business Apps. GrapeCity ComponentOne Studio allows you to easily create LightSwitch applications that would normally be very difficult."

Expand/Collapse all nodes in C1TreeView for Windows 8.x

3/12/15 - connectedUI.com - "I have a hobby project I'm working on and part of the application utilizes the excellent ComponentOne XAML TreeView control from the Studio for WinRT XAML control set."

GrapeCity announces general availability of Xuni: A native, cross-platform mobile control suite

2/20/15 - SD Times - GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, has announced that their Xuni product is no longer in beta and has been released to the web (RTW). Xuni is GrapeCity’s collection of cross-platform UI controls for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Replacing Silverlight with Wijmo and Angular with Chris Bannon and Bernardo de Castilho

1/8/15 - Adventures in Angular Podcast - In episode 24 of the podcast, Chris Bannon and Bernardo de Castilho from ComponentOne discuss how developers can migrate Silverlight applications to HTML5 and JavaScript using Wijmo and AngularJS.

ComponentOne Spread Studio 8 offers an extensible spreadsheet component for All .NET platforms

11/19/14 - SD Times - ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, today announced a major version release for its Spread product line.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise release delivers controls for flexible and modern .NET development

11/14/14 - SD Times - ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, has released ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2014 v3.

Using AngularJS Wijmo Grid With LightSwitch OData

10/26/14 - LightSwitch Help Website - You can quickly and easily create AngularJS applications using Wijmo 5 controls and Visual Studio LightSwitch as your back-end OData source.

Wijmo 5 CTO: From Web to Mobile, my 25-year Programming Career

10/22/14 - CSDN - The Chinese Software Developer Network interviews Bernardo de Castilho, CTO of ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity, about his 25 year career in the software industry and about Wijmo 5, a new generation of JavaScript controls.

GrapeCity Updated Wijmo 5 Expands Line of HTML5 and JavaScript Products

10/17/14 - App Developer Magazine - GrapeCity Developer Tools has released its latest version of Wijmo 5 expanding GrapeCity's line of HTML5 and JavaScript products for enterprise app development. The Wijmo family offers JavaScript Controls (Wijmo 5), classic jQuery Widgets (Wijmo 3) and a spreadsheet component (SpreadJS).

Enterprise Component Vendors Join Xamarin.Forms Ecosystem

10/8/14 - Xamarin Blog - On stage at Xamarin Evolve 2014 just now, Miguel shared the amazing work that has been done by six major component vendors in order to ship support for Xamarin.Forms.

A true set of JavaScript controls released with AngularJS directives in GrapeCity's Wijmo 5 product

10/8/14 - SD Times - GrapeCity Developer Tools, leaders in developer-productivity solutions, has announced the release of Wijmo 5: a new generation of JavaScript controls. This new version of Wijmo expands GrapeCity’s line of HTML5 and JavaScript products for Enterprise Application development.

ComponentOne announces a single control set for building universal apps that share code and XAML

8/14/14 - SD Times - ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem has released an update to its control suite, Studio for WinRT XAML. The 2014 v2.5 release of Studio for WinRT XAML provides developers the opportunity to build Universal Windows apps with a single set of controls.

Data Visualization Controls In ComponentOne

8/5/14 - Dr. Dobb's - ComponentOne, a component solution provider for Microsoft Visual Studio, has released its Studio Enterprise 2014 v2. This suite of data and UI controls works with Visual Studio, Windows Desktop, Windows Store, and HTML5. The product allows for developers to connect to, manage, and display data in what the company calls "modern interfaces" today.

ComponentOne delivers new data visualization controls and adds new features in Studio Enterprise

7/15/14 - SD Times - ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, has released ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2014 v2. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is a world-renowned suite of data and UI controls for Microsoft Visual Studio, including Windows Desktop, Windows Store, and HTML5. The highlights of the 2014 v2 release include new and enhanced data visualization controls for the Web and new controls for the Windows Store to help developers display and manage appointment data in their apps.

Using D3 Controls in ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch HTML Client

5/13/14 - LightSwitch Help Website - The latest update to the ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch adds data visualization. This release adds five new charts powered by the D3.js library, Bubble Chart, Gantt Chart, Heatmap, Timeline, and Treemap.

ComponentOne Simplifies Application Development

5/14/14 - SDTimes - Developers looking to deliver great user experiences on the desktop, the Web and mobile devices choose ComponentOne to speed up the delivery of their projects. For more than two decades, ComponentOne has led the market with its award-winning UI controls, tools and solutions.

Enhancing the C1 Radial Gauge

4/23/2014 - vbcity.com/blogs - "I showed how to create a basic version of the excellent ComponentOne radial gauge...Next I’ll add a few enhancements to that basic model."

Creating a Circular Gauge

4/17/2014 - vbcity.com/blogs - "...Well, in this post I’m going to look at the Radial Gauge control from ComponentOne.  Although it isn’t free, you can download a free trial from their website.  This gives you fully functioning ComponentOne tools that you can experiment with, although you can’t use them in a production application without buying a license. After that, it’s up to you to persuade the holder of the purse strings to shell out for what I’ve found to be a really excellent suite of tools"

The World's First Free BYOD Retail Merchandising SAAS is a LightSwitch Application

4/10/14 - LightSwitch Help Website - Skemaz™ has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of Microsoft's Azure cloud computing services to deliver a robust, scalable and intuitive merchandising software service.

New 2014 Spread Studio release increases support for the latest Web standards and .NET technologies

3/5/14 - SDTimes - ComponentOne Spread Studio for .NET is a spreadsheet solution that allows developers to embed the powerful spreadsheet functionality similar to Microsoft® Excel® into their .NET applications without any Excel dependencies.

Visual Studio 2013: The Buyers Guide

2/27/14 - SDTimes - No one has had deeper experience with the new features in Visual Studio 2013 than the software providers hosting their products on it.

ActiveReports 8 Adds Maps, HTML5 Viewer, Advanced Barcodes and Windows Azure Support

2/12/14 - InfoQ - ActiveReports 8 has been released with support for maps, localization, multi-tenant reporting, data caching, RSS14Stacked, RSSLimited and MicroPDF417 barcodes in addition to touch support for Windows and WPF Viewer.

ComponentOne Adds Touch Support to its Cross-Platform Excel-Compatible Spreadsheet Components

10/23/13 - SDTimes - ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, today announced the second release of 2013 for its Spread product line.

Making a better user experience for Windows 8

9/27/13 - SDTimes - "With its use of live tiles, colors and touch-focused design elements, the Windows 8 platform presents developers with some unique user experience design challenges, as well as some unique opportunities."

LightSwitch Community & Content Rollup– July 2013

8/1/13 - Beth Massi - Microsoft - The long awaited HTML client extensions from ComponentOne are here. We rely on third parties like ComponentOne to fill the gaps in our controls and screen templates so you can build some truly amazing custom business apps -- and they have delivered!

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2013 v2 Steps Up to the Windows 8 Plate

07/24/13 - HTML5 REPORT - When it comes to the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner environment, ComponentOne—part of the larger GrapeCity group—is a name that is often conjured up.

ComponentOne expands its cross-platform Excel-compatible spreadsheet components

4/26/13 - SD Times - ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, today announced the expansion of its Spread product line.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2013 delivers control enhancements from Web Forms to Windows 8

04/03/13 - SDTimes - ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, has released ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2013 v1.

Excel Viewer from ComponentOne is the Best

3/7/13 - MCAKINS ONLINE - "ComponentOne has just released an MX Viewer App too for Excel. This is sizzling hot people, fresh from the press... So when a company like ComponentOne releases an App, you ought to take notice."

How to handle your .NET Web app

2/28/13 - SDTimes - "After talking to a number of component vendors, the one most focused on leveraging the open-source side of things seemed to be ComponentOne."

PDF View Components for Windows Store apps (WinRT) (XAML/C#)

2/15/13 - Paul's MCS Developer Blog - "There is no native C#/XAML PDF viewing component for Windows Store applications, but there are a growing number of options, and various apps have demonstrated success in different areas of PDF rasterization (converting PDF pages to images) and viewing. Here is a breakdown of all the components that I have seen."

ComponentOne Studio for Entity Framework: Intelligent Data Management

2/1/13 - Visual Studio Magazine - "If you're fighting with sluggish performance or complex code in an application that marshals multiple EntitySets, fighting with forms that display data in multiple locations, or wrestling with a large number of rows in a grid, then SEF could be the solution you're looking for. "

ActiveReports 7 Report - Table Viewing using OverflowPlaceHolder

12/24/12 - BrettSharp.Net - "Grape City / ComponentOne's ActiveReports 7 is in it's 7th major release, they have their way of doing things, although similar to Microsoft SSRS in some ways, very different in other ways. The first is getting so simple as a columnar view to work in a PageReport."

Studio Enterprise with Localization and Visual Studio 2012 Support

12/3/12 - infoQ -"Developers can now write native Windows 8 apps for the Windows Store using the JavaScript and XAML skills they already have. Studio Enterprise adds advanced UI and data visualization controls to your toolbox that help you build more powerful and unique apps."

ComponentOne extends Windows 8 controls into suites

11/27/12 - SDTimes -"Saying that it is seeing as much interest in Windows 8 as it has in older platforms, Microsoft component solution provider ComponentOne has announced support for the new operating system in today's release of its control suite, Studio Enterprise 2012 v3."

ComponentOne releases XAML and JavaScript control suites for Windows 8

11/7/12 - SDTimes -"With the announcement of Windows 8, ComponentOne has introduced Studio for WinRT XAML and Studio for WinJS. ComponentOne's visualization controls will help developers build immersive Windows 8 dashboard applications."


11/1/12 - SDTimes HTML5 Developer's Sourcebook -"Because Wijmo is built with HTML5, jQuery, CSS3 and SVG, its widgets, which include HTML5 chart types, HTML5 gauges and a Data Grid, make applications suitable for today's Web."

Microsoft pushes new Windows to developers

11/1/12 - Reuters -"Days after launching Windows 8, Microsoft Corp is mounting a strong campaign to win over the software developers it needs to kick-start its new operating system."

Business intelligence: To buy or not to buy?

10/30/12 - SDTimes -"Reports are not just a simple listing of data; they involve aggregation, they involve analysis, they involve a huge function library that only exists with a commercial product."

ComponentOne Ultimate 2012 Offers Increased LightSwitch Functionalities

10/24/12 - DevPro -"The most significant addition to ComponentOne Ultimate 2012 is the creation and inclusion of Studio for LightSwitch."

Expanding Your Visual Studio 2012 Toolbox

10/15/12 - MSDN -"Rather than developers having to write their own controls, like charts, calendars, and datagrids, they may access reusable ones from Microsoft Visual Studio Partners like ComponentOne. Developers have come to expect quality controls that boost productivity from ComponentOne; the company plans to meet their expectations by creating some of the first WinRT XAML and JavaScript controls for Modern UI-style applications."

Robust offerings round out Visual Studio 2012

09/28/12 - SD Times -"From talking to lead developer evangelist Russ Fustino, I learned that Windows 8 factors high in the latest versions of its products. It has also done a great deal in leveraging jQuery to enhance MVC and other Web projects. Its MVC Tools include implementations of Wijmo and its 40 UI widgets."

ComponentOne LightSwitch Studio

08/19/12 - LightSwitch Help Website Blog -"With the release of Visual Studio LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012, ComponentOne has updated and released their Studio for LightSwitch."

Silverlight: Does the new path lead to the end of the road?

07/31/12 - SD Times -"If you look at Silverlight not as a specific tool set, but rather as a vehicle among several for delivering a XAML-based experience, then the path forward is clearer."

Seeds yield fruit for GrapeCity

07/27/12 - SD Times -"Grape stands for fertility and growth; city reflects stability. Throw in the belief that you treat others as you would want to be treated, and you now know GrapeCity."

ComponentOne for Entity Framework - Surprised Me

07/25/12 - The Devlineator -"This could have saved man weeks for my current client. The UI integration was simple, straight forward, and it handled transactions beautifully."

GrapeCity's ActiveAnalysis Now Includes More BI Capabilities

07/01/12 - Dev Pro -"The component lets developers embed out-of-the-box OLAP, data visualization, and business intelligence (BI) features by using charts, pivot tables, and data visualization for Silverlight, Windows Forms, and ASP.NET."

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2012 v1 Now Supports Visual Studio 2012

07/01/12 - Dev Pro -"ComponentOne has released a new version of its suite of data and UI controls for Visual Studio, Studio Enterprise 2012, which now includes support for Visual Studio 2012."

The (almost) convergence of development and design

06/25/12 - SD Times -"Thanks to the Web and the mobile device explosion, some visual and interactive designers have become very knowledgeable about HTML5 and CSS3, while more developers have become knowledgeable about concepts such as theming."

ComponentOne Acquired by GrapeCity

06/11/12 - TECHburgher -"While at TechEd North America in Orlando, FL, GrapeCity announced it has acquired ComponentOne, a leader in developer-productivity tools for building enterprise-level applications."

GrapeCity Acquires ComponentOne, Maker of Doc-to-Help and Developer Tools

06/11/12 - TechWhirl -"At TechEd North America in Orlanda, FL, GrapeCity announced it has acquired ComponentOne, a leader in developer-productivity tools for building enterprise-level applications, as well as technical communication tool Doc-to-Help."

Microsoft Component Vendor GrapeCity to Acquire ComponentOne

06/11/12 - eWEEK Mobile -"With Microsoft's TechEd 2012 opening up comes news of GrapeCity's acquisition of ComponentOne, a key distributor of Microsoft components."

GrapeCity acquires ComponentOne

06/10/12 - SD Times -"Continuing to expand its product portfolio, Japan-based GrapeCity tonight announced it is acquiring ComponentOne for an undisclosed sum."

.NET Vendor ComponentOne Acquired by GrapeCity

06/10/12 - Visual Studio Magazine -"At a pre-TechEd event in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, .NET solution vendor and Microsoft partner GrapeCity announced that it has acquired .NET component and tool vendor ComponentOne."

Flipping on LightSwitch

04/23/12 - SD Times -"Everyone's aiming for the "citizen developer," but lately that elusive customer has led Microsoft on a snipe hunt. With LightSwitch, the company has a rapid application development (RAD) tool, that no one—not even Redmond or its partners—seems to know quite what to do with."

FlexGrid - A Lightweight Data Grid

04/18/12 - I PROGRAMMER -"The FlexGrid is lightweight, easy to use and provides a logical connection between data and grid."

Product Review: ComponentOne Studio for WinForms Controls

03/14/12 - EGGHEADCAFE -"What's great about ComponentOne is that they have been providing some of the most well-known grids for Windows Client apps, FlexGrid and TrueDBGrid, since 1991. With that longevity, you know that their controls will stand the test of time and evolve along with market trends."

ComponentOne Announces Support for Visual Studio 11 and UI Mapping Controls Powered by Esri

03/22/12 - GIS Cafe -"Developers are encouraged to use the powerful mapping software from Esri and user-interface (UI) controls from ComponentOne to create compelling line-of-business applications."

Introducing Wijmo, a feature-packed jQueryUI based widget library

02/29/12 - CodeClimber -"In a few words, what I liked the most about Wijmo is its philosophy of embracing what is already available (jQueryUI) and most likely already well know by developers rather than reinventing the wheel and bringing yet another library in the mix like the other component vendors are doing."

Super Rad Pittsburgh Tech News Roundup

02/9/12 - TECHburgher - "ComponentOne releases a collection of widgets."

ComponentOne Releases a Collection of 40+ UI Widgets Powered by HTML5 and jQuery

02/8/12 - SD Times -"ComponentOne has announced the 2012 release of Wijmo: a kit of UI widgets for HTML5 and jQuery development."

Review - ComponentOne Studio for Entity Framework

01/24/12 - Brian Muirhead Blog - "I'm happy to say that the product [ Studio for Entity Framework ] easily met my expectations and in some areas, moved the bar a bit higher."

Review - Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo

01/19/12 - Brian Muirhead Blog -"This product has so many things going for it that I'm not sure where to start."

ComponentOne Studio for Entity Framework: Overview

12/4/11 - Enrique Lima's Intentional Thinking Blog - "In most of my review and evaluation I had close to zero code added and had a functional data driven solution."

ComponentOne Releases Studio Enterprise 2011 v3, Including ADO.NET Entity Framework Extension

11/25/11 - DevProConnections - "ComponentOne, a provider of productivity tools for Microsoft Visual Studio and SharePoint developers, has released Studio Enterprise 2011 v3, the latest version of its data and UI control suite, which includes the new Studio for Entity Framework, a solution that extends ADO.NET Entity Framework."

Review: ComponentOne Studio for Entity Framework

11/23/11 - Tim Murphy's .NET Software Architecture Blog - "Overall I found the Studio for Entity Framework capable and well thought out. If you are already using the Entity Framework this product will fit into your environment with little effort in return for greater flexibility and greater robustness in your solutions."

ComponentOne updates Studio Enterprise

11/23/11 - SD Times - "ComponentOne recently released Studio Enterprise 2011 V3, which includes a new suite of data and user interface controls for Microsoft Visual Studio."

Product Review - ComponentOne Studio for MVC Wijmo

08/22/11 - Geekswithblogs.net - "All I can say is that I'm really impressed with this UI Tools. It saves lots of time in developing your UI (especially if you are not that good in UI development) and it provides more flexibilty, interactive views and richer UI to make your page slicker."

Product Review - ComponentOne Studio for MVC Wijmo

08/21/11 - Geekswithblogs.net - "I was very impressed with Wijmo MVC and I think it is a compelling option for any developer building rich MVC applications. Although the widgets can be used for any jQuery solution, the integration with MVC is a nicety that makes things more seamless."

ComponentOne Ranked Leading Champion by Info-Tech Research Group's Report

08/12/11 - Info-Tech - "ComponentOne offers the most well-rounded offering of tools and components covering all the major platforms (desktop, mobile, and Web) pushing them ahead of the pack as the leading Champion in the Vendor Landscape with over twenty-three years of experience."

ComponentOne Releases a LightSwitch Extension Offering Instant Business Intelligence

07/26/11 - SD Times - "ComponentOne announced the release of ComponentOne OLAP for LightSwitch, the first OLAP screen for Microsoft LightSwitch. "

ComponentOne Offers Studio Enterprise 2011 v2, Featuring New jQuery-Based Controls for ASP.NET, MVC3

07/21/11 - DevProConnections - "ComponentOne has released ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2011 v2, the latest version of its control suite for Windows, web, and mobile application development."

ComponentOne rolls out Wijmo

06/24/2011 - SD Times - "ASP.NET MVC lets developers work on either the presentation layer or the underlying logic. To make it easier for the former, ComponentOne has released a community technology preview of Studio for MVC Wijmo, a tool for creating user interfaces for the Microsoft framework."

ComponentOne Makes Software Innovation Fast and Easy

05/12/11 - SD Times - "If you want to deliver game-changing software at a pace that mirrors the velocity of business, consider ComponentOne. For more than 24 years the company has provided UI and data controls that help developers provide more effective software solutions faster."

Creating Wijmo: The New JavaScript Library in Town

May/June 2011 - CODE Magazine - "Wijmo was purposed to build a complete kit of jQuery UI Widgets as a client-side framework for ComponentOne's ASP.NET controls. The team used the jQuery UI Widget Factory to build these widgets to all of jQuery UI's guidelines and principles. The result has been a complete kit of widgets for developing applications to the high standards of jQuery UI."

ComponentOne updates .NET charting, control suites

03/25/11 - SD Times - "Improved charting capabilities that can cross all .NET platforms highlight ComponentOne's release of Studio Enterprise 2011."

ComponentOne Announces Microsoft .NET Charting Enhancements and Amplified Control Suites

03/21/11 - TECHBurgher - "This is the company's first release in 2011, and marks the expansion of their offering for Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Windows Forms, and the addition of more advanced features in charting controls."

ComponentOne Launches Studio Enterprise 2011 v1

03/18/11 - DevProConnections - "ComponentOne has expanded its suite of controls for Windows, web, and mobile application development with its first release of 2011, ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2011 v1."

Product Reviews: ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET AJAX

03/01/11 - Visual Studio Magazine - "This is a package aimed squarely at the business developer: Controls that you'll use on almost every project. These are great controls with excellent functionality, and they're designed to make developers more productive."

New tools for the .NET trade

02/15/11 - SD Times - "ComponentOne [has] consistently proven [itself] to be a reliable partner who is passionate about rock-solid components," said Smith. "[It] also has one of the best technical support teams in the industry."

ComponentOne Introduces a Collection of jQuery UI Widgets

01/26/2011 - SD Times - "A key feature of Wijmo is its ease of use. I can turn any HTML table into a chart to visualize the data. Wijmo's charting is powered by SVG and works everywhere, including iPhone devices."

Just in Time for the Holidays: Solutions to Speed Up Your .NET Development Projects

12/01/10 - MSDN Magazine - "ComponentOne continues to expand .NET capabilities in reporting, charting, and grids. ComponentOne's reporting controls allow enterprises to import and display Access, Crystal, and SSRS reports in a single application"

Distributed Computing Drives New Microsoft Application Development

Winter 2010/2011 Issue - Microsoft Application Development Resource Guide (also on www.msdevonline.com)

The Challenge of Ubiquitous Content

Winter 2010/2011 Issue - Microsoft Application Development Resource Guide (also on www.msdevonline.com) - "ComponentOne is excited about a number of emerging Microsoft development environments, specifically Windows Phone 7, LightSwitch and SharePoint 2010."

Search Collections with ComponentOne LiveLINQ

10/01/2010 - Visual Studio Magazine - "The first time you run this query, you'll get your results back in about half the time. Subsequent queries will run in one-tenth the time. Really."

ComponentOne merges .NET, e-commerce

07/28/2010 - SD Times - "Studio Enterprise 2010 v2 features a sample e-commerce reference application called AdventureWorks, which simulates an online storefront for a bicycle shop. It utilizes ASP.NET AJAX controls with jQuery, CSS3 styling and a sample database created with SQL Server."

Tech professionals get ready for annual Summer Slam

07/13/2010 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Buyer's Guide: .NET Component Products

06/22/2010 - SQL Server Magazine

Dateline Pittsburgh for 06/13/10

06/13/2010 - post-gazette.com

Partners put on a show at TechEd

06/10/2010 - SD Times - "ComponentOne unveiled a new online store that was built using its ASP.NET components and .NET 4.0 technologies."

ASP.NET: Shifting gears to the Web

06/01/2010 - SD Times

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2010

05/01/2010 - SDTimes News Briefs: Updates

ComponentOne IntelliSpell in Visual Studio 2010

04/12/2010 - Visual Studio Industry Partner CAN DO! Video Series

ComponentOne Studio for SharePoint

03/01/2010 - Visual Studio Magazine

Developing iPhone Apps in .NET

Nathan Clevenger, "Developing iPhone Apps in .NET: How does MonoTouch bring Microsoft's .NET to Apple's iPhone?" iPhone Life, Winter 2010, 86.

Next-Generation Business Intelligence Software with Silverlight 3

Czernicki, Bart. "Chapter 6: Creating Data Visualizations for Analysis." Next-Generation Business Intelligence Software with Silverlight 3. New York: Apress, 2009. 181.

ComponentOne Launches OLAP for WinForms

11/1/2009 - DevConnections Magazine

ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms Boosts Data Analysis

10/08/2009 - Redmond Developer News

One-on-One with Chris Meredith

07/23/2009 - Dashboard Insight

ComponentOne Releases LINQ Extensions

06/30/2009 - Dr.Dobb's

ERWin Data Modeler and ComponentOne LiveLinq

04/01/2009 - Redmond Developer News

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