GrapeCity Releases Ultimate 2016 v1 with Full Angular 2 Support and a New UWP Edition
Published: 3/16/2016

PITTSBURGH, PAMarch 17, 2016 - GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, today released GrapeCity Ultimate, its world-renowned offering which bundles the data and UI controls from ComponentOne Studio, Wijmo and Xuni together for web, desktop and mobile business application development. The first release of 2016 includes full Angular 2 support in Wijmo, the RTW release of Studio UWP Edition, and new controls including OLAP for Wijmo, FlexSheet for MVC and FlexPivot for WinForms, all which empower developers to spend less time coding and more time innovating.

“As the first control vendor to have controls written in TypeScript, Wijmo is driving the market by offering Angular 2 components as of December 21, 2015 for each of our UI Controls,” said Chris Bannon, product manager at GrapeCity.

Outlined in the blog post “Wijmo 2016 v1 has landed,” the company details that Wijmo’s Angular 2 components all offer fully declarative markup. Complete with data binding and cell templates, Wijmo controls including the datagrid, FlexGrid, allow developers to specify cell content in markup, including custom bindings and other components. “We have followed the same pattern that the Angular 2 team has set, so that when you use Wijmo components it will feel very familiar in Angular 2,” said Bannon.

Another big addition for developers working in HTML5/JavaScript is OLAP for Wijmo. This new OLAP module provides Excel-like pivot tables and charts, which allows end users to create their own analytical views of data. It is ideal for analyzing large data sets, such as from finance, healthcare and other data-intensive industries.

Released as a beta in November of 2015, GrapeCity has released to web its Studio UWP Edition, which offers a wide range of stable controls, ranging from grids to navigation to input, and the deep feature set enables a developer to jump-start implementation right out-of-the-box. Developers are able to leverage their XAML and C#/VB knowledge to build modern Windows apps and code just once across Windows 10 desktop, tablet, phone, and wearable devices.

GrapeCity and its flexible core controls have been extended to include a web-based spreadsheet control for MVC, FlexSheet for MVC, and FlexPivot for WinForms, a new Excel-like pivot table which allows users to process and aggregate millions of rows from dozens of data sources in milliseconds. Ranging from responsive to mobile first, along with fast and flexible, Ultimate offers developers a complete set of controls for increasing productivity when building enterprise applications.


The company offers a no-charge, 30-day trial of ComponentOne Studio, Wijmo and Xuni which may be downloaded at Online visitors may also access tutorials, forums, documentation, and videos as part of the GrapeCity experience.

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