ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009 v3 - Expands Cross Platform Development in Visual Studio
Published: 11/18/2009

A Brand New Technology and Controls for Every Aspect of Application Development

November 18, 2009 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Today's 2009 v3 release of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, a complete suite of custom controls for Windows, Web, and Mobile application development, is uniquely different than anything else in the fourth quarter of 2009. The company, a leading component vendor in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner program, has revealed a brand new technology. This new technology from ComponentOne is being called ClearStyle.

Gustavo Eydelsteyn, managing director at ComponentOne explained that ClearStyle technology simplifies the theming process in Microsoft Silverlight. “We have introduced a way a developer may change a few colors of a control without having to create an entire template,” said Eydelsteyn. “The main goal of this new technology is to reduce the design time in Silverlight. With ClearStyle technology the theming capabilities are available in the most intuitive manner possible inside Microsoft Visual Studio.” ComponentOne has introduced ClearStyle technology in three of its Silverlight controls: DataGrid, Scheduler and Gauges.

The ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009 v3 release brings new controls in WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, and iPhone; product enhancements; a CSS theme builder; and more. The ComponentOne website describes how users can edit Xhtml documents and schedule reports in Windows Forms; create rounded corners in Web apps; generate PDFs in Silverlight; and add an alphabetical listing to a Web page in an iPhone.

The ComponentOne WPF control suite has been growing over this past year as ComponentOne ports its Silverlight controls to Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation. This release ported eight controls ranging from an Accordion control to a ColorPicker.

Beyond the new ClearStyle technology, the company’s Silverlight suite has a new DockControl, TabControl, Toolbar control and a new client-side PDF control for reporting and printing. A key feature of the Silverlight DataGrid control is the export to Excel.

Built on a new framework, ComponentOne’s ASP.NET control suite showcases a new CSS theme builder, Windows 7 themes, and a previously top-secret control named SuperPanel. SuperPanel, an ASP.NET AJAX control offers custom scrolling bars (both horizontal and vertical), resizing, rounded corners, and shadows on a Web page.

“By using Microsoft products like Visual Studio and Silverlight, the ComponentOne ClearStyle™ technology provides developers with a custom set of tools and controls to utilize during the application development process,” said Cyrill Glockner, director of Business Development at Microsoft. “We are pleased to work with ComponentOne to deliver quality technologies that make the most use of Microsoft’s developer offerings.”

About ComponentOne

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ComponentOne is a privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. As a leading component vendor in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner program, ComponentOne provides a wide range of Visual Studio components, IDE tools, and Web Parts for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Windows SharePoint Services. For more information, visit

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