Third Party Control Vendor Sets the Pace for MIX 10 with a Fast Microsoft Silverlight DataGrid
Published: 3/15/2010

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight Offers Performance, Speed, and Styling.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - March 15, 2010 - ComponentOne, a leading component vendor in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner program today announced it will release Studio for Silverlight. ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight is a suite of custom controls that take full advantage of all the features and functionality Microsoft has built into Silverlight.

“The major focus of the upcoming release has been to make our DataGrid the fastest and most feature-rich Silverlight grid control on the market,” said Bernardo Castilho, chief technology officer at ComponentOne. “With quick, responsive loading and scrolling experiences for the largest datasets, the C1DataGrid control will stand out from the pack of Silverlight grids available in the market.”

“Microsoft is excited to see the new developments in ComponentOne’s release of Studio for Silverlight,” said Brad Becker, director of rich client platforms and tools at Microsoft Corp. “ComponentOne’s latest release continues to raise the bar by adding features that will allow users to consume larger amounts of data in Silverlight without compromising the user interface.”

There were many changes done internally to optimize the DataGrid’s rendering engine. One of the changes is that the DataContext is set on the column level now rather than the row level. So now each column is responsible for setting the DataContext or the Source of the Binding for each UIElement they contain. ComponentOne discovered that making this change improved performance by 30 percent. The company’s Lead Silverlight Architect, Leo Vernazza, shared that ComponentOne will soon launch a new Silverlight blog at to share live examples of the ComponentOne controls in action with the Silverlight community.

In this release, ComponentOne also added column virtualization and improved the recycling API for better performance. Column virtualization means that the DataGrid only renders the columns necessary to fill the size of the viewing container and loads columns as needed when the user scrolls. This drastically improves performance for datasets that contain many columns just like row virtualization improves performance for many rows. What’s great about the extensibility of ComponentOne’s column virtualization is that users can easily inject custom columns into the recycling infrastructure and still get optimal performance.

When it comes to performance and sizing, the ComponentOne DataGrid provides optimal loading and scrolling speed for automatic row heights and column widths. This is normally very difficult to achieve in Silverlight because the cell size is unknown until the actual contents are rendered on the page. The C1DataGrid control is still very fast with automatic cell sizes.

These new improvements allow users to consume larger amounts of data in Silverlight without having to compromise the user interface. Castilho also shared that ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight is the only grid control that offers simple styling with ComponentOne ClearStyle™ technology, which allows users to create brushes for all common parts of the control without having to dissect and override control templates.

ComponentOne offers online purchase options at or by telephone at 412.681.4343 or 1.800.858.2739. A full feature trial is available at the ComponentOne Web site

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