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Together, ComponentOne and its partners can provide customers around the world with industry-leading solutions that address their need for mission-critical business applications. Partnering with ComponentOne will provide your company with a competitive edge, as this type of relationship will demonstrate a commitment to innovate and ultimately provide a more robust set of solutions to our joint customers. You will also have access to exclusive benefits, tools and resources.

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Our list of partners is designed to enable customers to find the right partner to contact regarding business solutions.


Microsoft developed the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program to ensure that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Systems Integrators (SIs), academic institutions, corporations and developers interested in integrating tools, components, and languages into the Visual Studio .NET IDE.  In addition to the technical offerings provided for advanced integrations scenarios, the VSIP Program provides benefits such as the ability to co-market with Microsoft.


Esri is the leading online map and GIS provider and is the company of choice among many of the top companies and government agencies. Using maps within your application is a very technical thing, so you do not want to take your chance using anyone but the best. The ArcGIS online services include free access to substantial amounts of geographical data made available by Esri. This includes map services for world imagery, topographies, population demographics and more.


Designbox is a revolutionary way to design forms and controls. Developed by StudioWorks Software, LLC, Designbox is a Microsoft Visual Studio add-in that works out-of-the-box. It delivers a powerful, new approach that lets you create, edit, share, and apply control designs through the unique Design Gallery. Simply create a new palette, style your controls as you see fit, and drag the control into the palette to save the design. You can even capture complete form designs! This new way of designing applications enables you to re-use designs and share them.

Discount ASP.NET

DiscountASP.NET is an recognized leader in advanced shared Microsoft Windows webhosting services. Through strong word-of-mouth and our commitment to ASP.NET technology and innovation, DiscountASP.NET has become the choice for affordable and feature-rich ASP.NET hosting and SQL hosting.


IncWorx Consulting has been focused on delivering solutions utilizing Microsoft tools and platforms since 1998. IncWorx Consulting is considered the premiere Microsoft Partner for SharePoint architecture, design, development, integration, deployment and support. IncWorx Consulting is a boutique firm specializing in the Microsoft suite of products that support SharePoint.

Nimble Solutions

Nimble Solutions is a custom software developer delivering superior rich-client and web-enabled applications using ComponentOne tools since 1999. They have successfully delivered commercial and industrial automation solutions built around Silverlight, ASP.NET, WinForms, and ActiveX components from ComponentOne. Nimble Solutions provides the custom software to fuse standard ComponentOne building blocks into integrated applications that are specific to your needs.


Planet Small Business' mission is to meet the needs of individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their online experience through access to affordable, easy to use online technology. Technology solutions range from a Site Builder to create a web site in minutes, to Microsoft's latest web based technology - ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005.

Red Gate

Red Gate Software produces ingeniously simple tools for over 500,000 Microsoft technology professionals worldwide. Their products are a perfect complement to the ComponentOne .NET studio offerings and together create a development platform that .NET developers love to use.

Ultima Hosts

UltimaHosts is a company consisting of developers who provide clients with custom tailored hosting and whose focus is on establishing a resourceful online community from which all people can benefit.


Since 1997, WebECS has been providing cost-effective ASP.NET and SQL hosting services to thousands of companies around the world. Their superb customer service helps them to retain over 95% of their current customers and those customers refer over 50% of WebECS's new customers each year.