Russ Cam

Russell Fustino, our Senior Developer Evangelist, has been scouring the country-side attending events, meeting developers, and interviewing everyone he gets a chance to meet. Be sure to watch all his episodes, with many more on the way... you may be the next star!

Russ Cam Episodes

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 107: CodeMash 2013 (Part 3)

    Russ Cam lands an interview with the "Chief Cat Herder" of CodeMash himself, Jim Holmes! Find out just how fast tickets to this incredible event sold out! Plus, learn about some other great events for developers and software testers!

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 106: CodeMash 2013 (Part 2)

    Greg Lutz, Product Manager at ComponentOne, and Lucas Hardbarger, Software Architect/Developer at InfoPlanIT, discuss the differences between ActiveAnalysis and ComponentOne's OLAP tools. Find out which product will work best for your data visualization needs!

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 105: CodeMash 2013 (Part 1)

    Russ talks with Lucas Hardbarger, Software Architect/Developer at InfoPlanIT, about his company's highly successful experience using ActiveAnalysis. Plus, Russ introduces Lucas to Wijmo!

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 104: South Florida Code Camp (Part 6)

    In this final episode from South Florida Code Camp, Karen Slosaski interviews Alex Funkhouser of SherlockTech about his company, Code Camp, .NET Gurus Can Cook, and more! Then Maximo Trinidad stops by to say hi to Russ Cam viewers everywhere!

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 103: South Florida Code Camp (Part 5)

    It's history in the making once again on Russ Cam -- two Fustinos on one episode! Russ' brother Gary is in Fort Lauderdale for the South Florida Code Camp! He talks with guest interviewer, Karen Slosaski, about web design and why he likes community events. Then, Alex Morales talks about his work at Microsoft, plus why he might consider ActiveReports for a future project!

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 102: South Florida Code Camp (Part 4)

    The tables have turned. In this episode of Russ Cam, the interviewer has become the interviewee! Russ talks with our Fort Lauderdale co-host, Karen Slosaski, about her career and how she crossed paths with Russ. Then, Karen talks with Jorge Monterrosa about his work with Carnival Cruise Lines and how he might be able to use ComponentOne controls for his work.

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 101: South Florida Code Camp (Part 3)

    Russ brings you more from South Florida Code Camp! First, guest interviewer Karen Slosaski takls with Pierre Donyegro about how Russ helped him set his career path! Then, Zack Williamson talks about his Windows 8 apps, plus his trip to SMUG in the Russtang!

Episodes #91-100

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 100: RussCam Best of Awards

    Carve out a half hour and get some popcorn for a very cool, entertaining and professionally edited Episode 100! Thanks to Roger Hobbs who has edited all 100 episodes and this one in particular, which is outstanding!

    We went thru all 99 episodes and the video team, Roger Hobbs and Tommy Hodges, and myself hand picked out the best for your entertainment! Congrats to all of the winners below in some exciting categories! I would like also give a special thanks to all of the interviewees on Episodes 1-99, you all deserve an award as well! Finally, to everyone, thanks so much for supporting RussCam!

    I would also like to thank ALL of Special guests in this video for making an heart felt appearance in this episode. My video editor surprised me with these special appearances and I am so appreciative!

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 99: South Florida Code Camp (Part 2)

    Guest Interviewer, Karen Slosaski, is standing between 2 of the 9 winners of the INETA Lifetime Achievement Award! She talks with both Russ Fustino and Dave Noderer about winning the award, their history with Russ Cam, as well as the future. Plus, Dave Noderer shares about his favorite developer component - ActiveReports!

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 98: South Florida Code Camp (Part 1)

    Guest interviewer Karen Slosaski is back as Russ Cam takes you to South Florida Code Camp! In Part 1, Greg Lutz gives us the scoop on the incredible line-up of Windows 8 tools in ComponentOne Studio for WinRT XAML! From FlexGrid to RichTextBox, Calendar Control to PDF printing and more, developers everywhere will be thrilled to learn what you can get inside ComponentOne Studio for WinRT XAML!

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 97: SQLSaturday #192

    Russ Cam is in Tampa, Florida for SQLSaturday 192! Michael Wells, a return Russ Cam interviewee, talks how his first MSDN event, with yours truly, changed his career from IT to development! “There is nothing like code on the big screen” he said. That was when Microsoft had a centralized engine running the same content nationwide in Movie theaters by the Microsoft Across America team (MSAM). I miss those days and hope that someday Microsoft resurrects a centralized developer evangelism model as it scaled and we had great attendance numbers across the board with consistent messaging. Maybe I should start my own ComponentOne engine, huh? We talked about what a great job Pam Shaw did at the SQL Saturday event in Tampa, where #2 was run and now with #226 schedule in South Florida the program has come a long way with even more events worldwide. Hats off once again to the SQL Server community and all of the developers that participate! Then, Ed Watson shares what it's like to be a new event speaker! He talks about his session on the essential backup and recovery topic as his third ever speaking engagement! We look forward to hearing from this new up-comer in the speaker community. And Russ presents a raffle giveaway of Component One Ultimate™!

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 96: Orlando Code Camp (Part 2)

    Russ talks with host of Technology and Friends, David Giard! Find out what it was like for David to win Speaker Idol 2012! Plus, learn about some of his recent guests on his video series.

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 95: Orlando Code Camp (Part 1)

    Russ takes you back to where it all started - Orlando Code Camp, site of the very first episode of Russ Cam®! He chats with Greg Leonardo about Webonology, the INETA Code Challenge, his upcoming book and more! Plus, Russ interviews one of the many Code Camp volunteers, Tina Holden.
  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 94: MVP Summit (Part 2)

    Russ and C1 Influencer Michael Washington talk with Kelly White about Windows 8 controls from ComponentOne. Then, Shervin is back on Russ Cam to congratulate Russ on his INETA Lifetime Achievement Award. And David McCarter talks about what the award means to him.
  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 93: MVP Summit (Part 1)

    This is a very special episode of Russ Cam! Russ Fustino receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from INETA! Plus, former winners Kevin Hazzard and Julie Yack stop by to congratulate Russ and talk about the Microsoft MVP Program.
  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 92: Desert Code Camp (Part 3)

    It's another Russ Cam first! Russ brings you our first interview with a C1 Influencer! Craig Berntson, Microsoft MVP, tells us about the C1 Influencer program. He also talks about his session "Branches & Merges are Bears, Oh My!" Plus, learn about new Windows 8 controls from ComponentOne!
  • ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 91: Desert Code Camp (Part 2)

    Russ brings you more from Desert Code Camp! Event organizer and President of INETA North America, Joseph Guadagno and Southeast Valley .NET UG, talks about how he became involved with the code camp. He started organizing Desert Code Camp over 5 ½ years ago and it keeps getting bigger and better every year. In fact, it has grown from 250 once a year to 700-800 twice a year. The venue is Chandler-Gilbert Community College with 12 tracks, 103 sessions And 80 different presenters with 25 volunteers. Short story, this is some undertaking and a lot of work for the incredible community event! He brings us up to date on the INETA happenings, with a new INETA website makeover and marketing push for the INETA Speakers program. Then, Scott Cate talks about his work with Event Day where they send attendees a QR code and when scanned can print an event name label. We chat about a session I saw him present at TechEd on Keyboard shortcuts, and was an inspiration for my Windows 8 Shortcuts Phone app and the many other ones I have including VS shortcuts. Watch to the end to see some great photos from the event. This episode is brought to you by ComponentOne Widows 8 Studios.

Episodes #81-90

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam™ – Episode 90: Desert Code Camp (Part 1)

    RussCam travels to the Desert Code Camp in Phoenix, Arizona! In today’s episode, I talk with David McCarter, a multi-talented Principal Software Engineer from San Diego. David is a Microsoft MVP and an INETA Lifetime Achievement Award winner! Find out about how one of his talks helped a fellow geek land a job and he has a video on these techniques! Geek anonymous (AA for Geeks) is another session he does which is about what geeks like and what we don’t like and how can we make things better. Techno-stress? Don’t forget about David McCarter’s coding standards book! He also has a new book on VB 2012 and .NET 4.5 Programming. David runs the San Diego .NET Developers Group. He is one very interesting guy and is even writing a book on rock tribute bands. David reminisces about ComponentOne origins with VideoSoft and he recommends C1 tools!

  • ComponentOne Russ Cam™ – Episode 89: Speaker Idol 2012

    Russ Cam brings you coverage of Speaker Idol 2012 at TechEd! Talk about an instant classic! If you are a presenter, teacher, user group leader, developer evangelist or have an interest in public speaking, this 10 minute video is packed full of presentation educational information and is a must see! See clips from some of the speakers plus feedback from the panel of judges. An outstanding judging crew provides valuable insight in to speaking tips and tricks with some incredible speakers. I have presented for years and these judges were dead on in their assessments .See Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell host this event. Hats off to David Giard for winning the competition as he will go on to be a speaker at TechEd 2013!

  • C1 RussCamTV Episode 88: TechEd Part 14

    Russ chats with Eduardo Castro, who was visiting from beautiful Costa Rica! Find out what he has in store for SQL Saturday #189! Then Russ catches up with some old friends Chris Love, Chris Bowen, and Patrick Hynds. Plus, a cameo appearance by The Blizz!

  • C1 RussCamTV Episode 87: TechEd Part 13

    Pam Shaw and Ed Buhain are back for Russ Cam interviews! Pam talks about the great community around SQL. Then it's a Microsoft reunion of sorts with Developer Evangelists Brian Hitney, Peter Laudati and Jim O'Neil with a great RussCam yell!

  • C1 RussCamTV Episode 86: TechEd Part 12

    There's more from TechEd 2012, this time a MVP twofer! First, Microsoft Windows Phone Developer MVP Nikita Polyakov talks about why he's excited about Windows Phone development and the tools available from ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity! Then, Microsoft Silverlight Architecture MVP Ward Bell tells us about his company and why he's thinking about trying Controls by ComponentOne to make his product even better!

  • C1 RussCamTV Episode 85: TechEd Part 11

    Russ Cam has even more interviews from TechEd! First, Bayer White talks about his upcoming projects, including a new book! Plus, find out how .NET Gurus Can Cook saved his marriage! Then, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Rachel Appel talks to us about the excitement with Windows 8 apps!
  • C1 RussCamTV Episode 84: IT Palooza – Part 3 w Guest Interviewer Karen Slosaski

    Guest interviewer, Karen Slosaski is back to interview more attendees at ITPalooza in Ft. Lauderdale! First, the leader of West Palm Dev, Sam Abraham, talks about his session at ITPalooza and what's coming up. Then, we catch up with Server MVP, Adnan Cartwright. Nina Grantcharova tells us about IASA and how you can get involved in south Florida. Then, Quetsy Puckett tells us all about Conquest Technology Services.
  • C1 RussCamTV Episode 83: IT Palooza – Part 2 w Guest Interviewer Karen Slosaski

    No holds barred here at IT Palooza. Alex Funkhouser, organizer for this event, hired a film crew including a guest co-host for RussCam at IT Palooza! It’s another RussCam first, as Russ Introduces his guest interviewer, Karen Slosaski. Karen turns the tables and does an interview on him! Then, Karen interviews a return Russ Cam interviewee, MVP and INETA Lifetime Achievement award winner, Dave Noderer, about the upcoming South Florida .NET Code Camp!
  • RussCamTV Episode 82: IT Palooza – Part 1

    It's South Florida's biggest IT holiday event, and Russ Cam is there! First, Russ chats with one of ComponentOne's newest employees, Ryan Sobieralski, about ActiveReports 7! He really loves visiting Ft. Lauderdale. Then, Jean-Jacques Vincent shares his experience using ComponentOne products, “ComponentOne, one and only.” And Jeff Blake talks developing with C# and singing in C#!
  • RussCamTV Episode 81: SQL Saturday 132 Part 3 – Pensacola

    In this final installment from SQL Saturday 132, Russ talks with Pat Byrne about the deep sea fishing trip last year, plus his experience with Spread.NET. Then, John Baldwin from Steel City SQL talks about how he first met Russ as a camera man at one of his events years ago. A couple of guys from the Red Gate sales team, Eddy Chen and Sam Nardella stop by to say hi. And it's Russ’ favorite SQL couple, Rodney and Karla Landrum, talking about some exciting new projects. Many thanks go out to Karla for organizing so many SQL Saturdays around the globe! Download your free trial of our products for Windows 8.

Episodes #71-80

  • Episode 80: TechEd Part 10
    It’s another interview from TechEd 2012! Russ talks with Scott Klein who recently joined Microsoft as a SQL Azure expert Technical Evangelist. We chat about Hadoop which is used for large amounts of data and more! Scott also runs the South Florida Geek Golf Tournament. See cameo with Joe Healy and discussion of Roast Beef on Weck in .NET Gurus Can Cook!. Plus, it’s another C1 television winner! Check out the outtakes at the end.
  • Episode 79: SQL Sat 132 Pensacola Part 2
    Russ has more from SQLSaturday 132! First, we stop for a quick chat with OPASS President, Shawn McGehee. Then, Tim Costello talks with Russ about his sessions, the speaker dinner, plus his interest in ActiveAnalysis! And, Nick Perez chats with us about being at his first SQLSaturday! Finally, Sven Aelterman tells us what his sessions were about, explains file table, and more!
  • Episode 78: TechEd Part 9
    Russ brings you more great interviews from TechEd! First, Russ runs into a dear friend, Susan Wisowaty, who is a marketing specialist for Microsoft. Then guess who walks up…BENKO! Mike Benkovich chats with Russ and Susan about his website Then, Silverlight MVP Bill Reiss shares some exciting news about his Popper 2 game. And it’s another C1 TV winner!
  • Episode 77: SQL Saturday Pensacola
    It's raining in the Sunshine State. But that's okay, because Russ Cam is safe indoors at SQLSaturday #132 in Pensacola! Russ talks with Dave Perkins about why Bit-Wizards is a big advocate of ActiveReports. Plus, find out what happened in the big Bit-Wizards football game! Then, Allen Kinsel talks with us about the event and the organizer himself, Mark Holmes, talks about what it takes to put the whole thing together. This episode is brought to you by ActiveReports.
    See photos of SQL Saturday Pensacola.
  • Episode 76: TechEd Part 8
    Russ Cam talks with Diego Samuilov, a Windows Phone 7 author, about his new book. Plus, Paul Stubbs, one of the presenters at TechEd, talks about his experience at the event. Brought to you by UI controls for data visualization, layout, input and more inside the ComponentOne Windows 8 WinRT studios.
  • Episode 75: Windev 8 UG Tampa
    Russ Cam is at an exciting developer user group getting a head start on Windows 8! See Jay Kimball, Brian Kassay, Bill Reiss and David Liebman in action! Brought to you by UI controls for data visualization, layout, input and more inside the ComponentOne Windows 8 WinRT studios.
  • Episode 74: TechEd Part 7
    Russ has a fascinating conversation about the new direction of software development with Billy Hollis, Microsoft Regional Director. Russ Cam also shares some exciting news about his new grandson, John Francis Fustino! Then, it's another ComponentOne TV winner! This episode is brought to you by ActiveReports.
  • Episode 73: Windows 8 Modern UI Labs
    It seems like just yesterday when the buzz word in the developer community was "Metro." The name has changed, but the buzz continues! Enjoy these Russ Cam interviews from a June event all about the platform formerly known as "Metro." See sneak peak at Russ’s new app, .NET Gurus Can Cook. We chat with Microsoft DE, Jim Blizzard and Don Vickers. Brought to you by UI controls for data visualization, layout, input and more inside the ComponentOne Windows 8 WinRT studios.
  • Episode 72: TechEd Part 6
    Russ talks with Bret Fisher about his product, , and how he used Wijmo to take Winsitter to the next level! A server monitoring service, a 5 min install that runs on azure. “We baby sit your sitters” using Wijmo with grids and charts as part of the dashboard. HTML5 toolkit, plugs into app, with designer capability with cross device, “ComponentOne supports the developer community and the user community”. In the outtakes… see the vs 2012 car and great new workstations. Download your free trial of Wijmo.
  • Episode 71: INETA Community Leadership Summit
    Before TechEd got underway, Russ stopped by the INETA Community Leadership Summit. He chats with Chris Eargle and Ken Tucker about the summit and more! Chris is the director of speakers. Ken chats about his user group in Melbourne, Space Coast User Group. See cameos by Dave Noderer and Alex Funkhouser and outtakes photos with Esteban Garcia, Greg Leonardo. Alex’s user group starts at the bar for his meetings with script club to follow, pretty funny. Richie Rump does the Russ Cam yell. Download your free trial of Spread.NET.

Episodes #61-70

  • Episode 70: Tech Ed Part 5
    Greg Gum, founder of Jet CRM shares his experience using ComponentOne controls with the Russ Cam audience! His system handles the whole pipeline from the lead to, your sales people, and the sales force automation to customer service. INETA Code Challenge winner, He used among other C1 controls, the Rich text box, taking HTML running it thru a convertor and display it Silverlight and there is no other way to do that out of browser. Nice solution! “C1 has been ESSENTIAL in the developing of this product…” Download your free trial of ComponentOne Ultimate.
  • Episode 69: Sarasota Bar Camp Part 3
    Russ interviews one of the founders of Barcamp Sarasota, Sara Hand. Sara also has a business development company and run’s an angel investor network. We had and Interesting discussion on bringing business and technology together. Awesome photo of GrapeCity Tee shirts and they use that as the photo for sponsorship packages. Tracey Ingram, then, one of the attendees takes a few minutes to chat with Russ. See a cameo by Dave Dockery. Also, meet Mark Goldberg, president of See outtakes – Mark takes 4 times to get the intro down on the bloopers, hysterical! Download your free trial of Doc-To-Help.
  • Episode 68: TechEd Part 4
    Russ Cam introduces us to Chris Bannon, Product Manager at ComponentOne. Chris interviews one of our TV winners, Bryan Gregorius from Apprenda. Mr. Gregorius also happens to be a user of Wijmo! Apprenda is an application deployment / management system using Wijmo for data visualization. Then, Russ chats with Bjoern Meyer from TX Text Control. Bjoern Meyer says what they do for word, C1 does for Spread.NET. If you need Word like functionality in you app, check it out. It even handles opening up a PDF file! See lots of great event photos… Download your free trial of Wijmo.
  • Episode 67: Sarasota Bar Camp Part 2
    Russ talks with Jeff Hardy from PowerDNN about his work with DotNetNuke plus his thoughts on BarCamp! Then, Fritz Chaleff talks with Russ about how he got his new gig as Communications Director for BarCamp. Fritz is also the third generation family owner of the Broadway Bar in Sarasota! We talk about a surprise visit from my cousin Cheryl (Greco) DePalma who was visiting Sarasota for her 30th anniversary. Congrats! PS. Great Lasagna at the Broadway Bar! See great outtakes on the sights and sounds of Sarasota Bar Camp. Download your free trial of Wijmo.
  • Episode 66: TechEd Part 3
    Russ interviews...his boss! Meet Rick Williamson, General Manager of GrapeCity US, now known as ComponentOne: A Division of GrapeCity. He talks about how the industry has changed over the years. It’s the biggest news in the industry in a while. He talks about the thought process in the acquisition. “We’ve got something pretty special going on.” We chat with another one of the TV winners, Shaun Niu. In the outtakes, we added a short clip from Bill Steele talking about the Microsoft Mustang which he helped build that was at the conference. Download your free trial of ComponentOne Ultimate.
  • Episode 65: Sarasota Bar Camp Part 1
    Russ is in Sarasota for BarCamp! He takes a few minutes to catch up with his old friend, Microsoft MVP and BarCamp co-founder Stan Schultes. We had an incredible group shot all wearing the GVTV tee shirts from GrapeCity. Then, another co-founder, Tracy Ingram, talks about how BarCamp got started. I mention a session I sat in on by Dave Dockery and some cool social media tools. Tracy teams up to do a session on SEO Rockstars. We end this episode with an incredible "RussCam" yell! Brought to you by Spread.NET.
  • Episode 64: TechEd Part 2
    There's more from TechEd in Orlando! See a great opening “RussCam” yell from the announcement party for GrapeCity acquiring ComponentOne! Eric Edgar talks with Russ about his experience using ComponentOne tools such WinForms and Silverlight controls as the FlexGrid. FilePicker, ColorPicker He talks about migrating apps from WinForms to Silverlight and how the controls were very consistent across the environments. Ungerboeck Software is the industry leader in event management software solutions. “We chose the Silverlight toolset from C1 because historically we have had a great rapport and great support with a lot of people at C1, Bernardo in particular”. Then, Frank Evans, one of the many winners of a free TV from ComponentOne talks with Russ about his new prize! Great Outtakes of sights and sounds of the conference! This episode of Russ Cam is brought to you by ComponentOne Ultimate.
  • Episode 63: Sarasota Dev
    Russ interviews Shaun Walker, MS MVP and CTO of DotNetNuke, Corporation, about his business, his book , Professional DotNetNuke 5 and more! He chats about DNN 6 and the current state of technology. It is a very interesting interview! This episode is filmed at the Sarasota Dev User Group meeting. This episode of Russ Cam is brought to you by Doc-To-Help.
  • Episode 62: Tech Ed Part 1
    Russ Cam is back with a huge announcement! Check out the breaking news from GrapeCity US General Manager, Rick Williamson. Then, Russ is on the show floor at TechEd in Orlando! In part one of his coverage of TechEd, Russ interviews John Papa. He talks about how do I build an app I used to do in .NET in JavaScript. He talks about Wijmo for HTML5 and JavaScript development. He likes the fact it uses Knockout. He talks about some the courses he is doing on JavaScript and Windows 8 and a new on how to build an application with HTML5 and JavaScript. Great cameo ComponentOne employee shots and bloopers in the trailer. This episode of Russ Cam is brought to you by Wijmo.
  • Episode 61: FVNUG Day of .NET Part 2
    Russ Cam brings you Part 2 of our series from Appleton, Wisconsin: Fox Valley .NET User Group Day of .NET! First, we hear from Microsoft Cloud Evangelist, Adam Hoffman. Then, Russ has an interesting discussion with John Ptacek, Senior Software Engineer at Skyline Technologies, about a cool open source product called PhoneGap. Finally, Clark Sell from Microsoft talks with Russ about an upcoming event called That Conference and his newsletter This episode of Russ Cam is brought to you by ActiveAnalysis.

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