.NET Reporting Platform for All Your Business Needs

Create virtually any report type with Visual Studio-integrated designers, components, and an extensive API. Includes royalty-free viewers for HTML5, WPF, WinForms, and ASP.NET as well as an optional server add-on.

  • ActiveReports Developer Edition

    Our flagship offering includes all the components .NET developers need to create reporting applications. ActiveReports comes in two versions, Standard and Pro.

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  • ActiveReports Server Add-on

    ActiveReports Server is an add-on that allows you to host and run reports from a centralized server. This enterprise solution runs on your server and includes full admin capabilities.

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Report Types for Every Need

  • Page Reports provide developers with a new way of creating reports where layout is the primary focus. Great for creating invoices, prospectus reports, forms, or other highly structured reports.
  • RDL Reports make it easy to create reports using tables, crosstabs, charts, and other data regions with flexible layouts which flow across pages.
  • Section Reports follow the tradition of previous ActiveReports versions and are similar to Access reports. Using code-behind or scripts, you can respond to the various events that occur while the report generates to create extremely customized reports that are difficult to produce with other products.
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Customizable Viewers for Every Platform

Embed our fully customizable viewers into your HTML5, WPF, WinForms, ASP.NET, Silverlight, or Flash applications. You can also use our PDF viewer to display PDFs. Our viewers include support for everything your end-users need including support for Table of Contents, annotations, thumbnails, and parameters. Additionally, the HTML5 viewer is touch-friendly. These viewers are royalty-free, and ready to use, so there is no need to code your own!

Comprehensive Design Toolbox

ActiveReport's visualization tools help address complex requirements like bar codes, advanced imaging, custom control support, and more! For example, in ActiveReports you can change the data output of your report based on target devices using Layers, use one report for multiple output layouts, or use the versatile map control.

Event-based Scripting or Property Expressions.

With ActiveReports, you can use scripts and property expressions to control the report's run-time behavior. This allows your application to apply conditional formatting, data formatting, and calculations dynamically.

Fully Customizable End User Designer with Visual Query Designer

ActiveReports includes a report designer that you can embed and distribute with your application to your end users. The report designer is fully customizable to integrate seamlessly with your application, with control over what functionality you want to make available to your end users. You can allow end users to design and run ad-hoc reports and end users who don't know SQL Queries, can use the Query Designer to generate queries for their reports.

  • Royalty Free Redistribution

    Redistribute your reports with your application without additional licensing requirements. There are no User Fees for access to reports and no CALs or Named User Licenses. XCOPY deployment ensures easy integration with your product installation/deployment process.

    Royalty Free Redistribution
  • Report Server Add-on Provides Scalable, Centralized Report Execution

    ActiveReports provides an optional Report Server add-on that allows you to publish reports to the server and access them from your product. No compilation required! Add enterprise level scalability, distributed storage, and load balanced execution for your reports without writing a line of code. Extensible role-based security and multi-tenant support and scheduling features are included. You can audit server load and usage through built-in audit log and use the built-in diagnostics to help troubleshoot deployments.

    Report Server Add-on Provides Scalable, Centralized Report Execution

Why Choose ActiveReports?

.NET Developers

  • Multiple report types to meet all your reporting needs
  • Fast .NET reporting engine
  • Extensive API for complex integration touch points across platforms
  • Extensive and flexible API with full customization and Charts, Maps, tables, and more
  • Advanced control over printing and export options

End Users

  • Beautiful printable and interactive reports
  • Multi-format export capabilities
  • A consistent user experience across delivery platforms

Report Designers & Authors

  • Fully customizable ad-hoc end-user Report Designer embedded in the application or available as a stand alone application
  • Easy to use drag & drop user experience
  • Visual Query Designer to generate optimized queries without SQL language expertise

Dev Managers & Other Stakeholders

  • Royalty-free redistribution
  • Easy-to-understand and manage licensing terms


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