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Create virtually any report type with Visual Studio-integrated designers, components, and an extensive API. Includes royalty-free viewers for HTML5, WPF, WinForms, and ASP.NET as well as an optional server add-on.

ActiveReports Developer Features

ActiveReports includes all the features you need to create great reporting applications.

  • Freaky Fast .NET Reporting Engine

    Fast .NET Reporting Engine

    The ActiveReports reporting engine, the back end which gets and processes data into the report layout, is highly streamlined and focused on performance. We do our best to ensure that the engine uses memory optimally and completes the report layout efficiently.

  • Flexible .NET API

    Flexible .NET API

    Built on .NET, ActiveReports offers an extensive API for developers to use. We integrate with Visual Studio as a native toolset and provide developers the same control as they expect from other tools in Visual Studio. You can control the complete lifecycle of the report and properties of each control through script or through code. The API makes all the properties that can be set through the designer IDE available in code as well. Events are also available to control what happens when reports are initialized, run, rendered, exported, printed, and so on.

  • Conversion Tools from other Reporting Tools

    Convert from other Reporting Tools

    ActiveReports includes the ability to convert reports from other tools, including Crystal Reports. To facilitate the migration of these reports and prevent the loss of effort that has already been spent on these reports, ActiveReports provides conversion tools. Since other tools are quite different from ActiveReports, an end-to-end conversion is not always possible. There are some limitations around scripting, expressions and code that need to be manually implemented.

  • Full Localization Support

    Full Localization Support

    ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity, is a worldwide organization with products available to developers across all geographies, meaning that our products are fundamentally designed for multi-lingual and globalization support. ActiveReports is no exception. We have full support for multi-byte character sets including being able to use characters defined by users. ActiveReports is available in English, Chinese and Japanese. All aspects of the product can be customized and ActiveReports supports all major language scripts.

  • Royalty Free XCOPY Deployment Capability

    ActiveReports is a developer licensed product. When redistributing the ActiveReports reporting engine along with your product/project, your deployment is royalty free and no additional license cost is charged. The deployment is also copy friendly and works by just copying the assemblies to the required project directories. This helps with the integration of ActiveReports deployments with your project deployment mechanism (such as install shield, etc.). Essentially, project deployment does not need to run an installer for ActiveReports to be able to include reports.

  • Visual Studio IDE Integrated Designer

    Visual Studio IDE Integrated Designer

    ActiveReports integrates natively with all supported versions of Visual Studio. This allows you to work with reports within the same environment that you're used to. You do not need to go to a separate tool to first create the report and then integrate it into your project (like Crystal Reports). This also allows you more control over the report layout and execution through the extensive API. At the end of the day, this means that the reports are much more tightly integrated with your resulting product.

  • Stand-alone Windows Based End User Designer

    Stand-alone Windows-based End User Designer

    The ActiveReports End User Designer (EUD) is available with ActiveReports Professional Edition. The EUD has two primary uses. You can customize this designer and embed it within your projects to allow end users to create ad-hoc reports for themselves. Reports that can then be available as part of the product without any need to change code or make a new release. ActiveReports also has this designer as an out-of-the-box application that can be used to design reports when you do not have Visual Studio IDE installed. This helps web developers who want to publish reports in web applications without using Visual Studio.

  • Visual Query Designer

    Visual Query Designer

    This SQL Query designer is available in both the Visual Studio IDE integrated designer as well as the End User Designer. The Visual Query Designer helps users who are not experts in SQL query language to generate optimized queries through a drag-and-drop, easy to use interface exposing all tables and views from the database. The user can make simple as well as complex queries included those with joins, expressions, where filters, group by clauses as well as sorted outputs. The designer also includes a data preview option so the user can confirm if the query output is what he/she wanted.

  • Make All the Charts!

    Rich Charting Controls

    Charts and graphs are a very common method of summarizing and visualizing a lot of data. ActiveReports contains controls for several different types of charts and graphs including, bar charts, pie charts, bubble charts, scatter diagrams, bullet charts, sparklines, and even more.

  • Bar Codes

    Bar Codes

    A lot of data these days needs to be coded as scannable Bar Codes to help with tracking goods movement and other operational procedures. ActiveReports offers extensive support for major bar coding algorithms and you can easily include the bar code type that is required for you project.

  • Such Interactivity

    Interactivity (Drill-Down/Drill-Through/Sub-Reports)

    From an end user perspective, interactivity in reporting is paramount. End users do not always expect a report to be something that they print out anymore. They expect to be able to drill down from a summary report to more details. They expect to be able to filter reports data based on parameters. They expect to sort the data in reports. All these features and more interactive features are available in ActiveReports for you to use while designing reports. This allows you to focus on creating a broad report and let the user control what they want to see.

  • Advanced Data Visualization Controls

    Advanced Data Visualization Controls

    Data visualization is not just about charts and graphs. Data can also be shown visually in different ways. ActiveReports contains many advanced tools like maps, banded lists, and so on, to provide very a extensive list of possibilities for business reports. You can confidently create almost any type of report using the visualization tools available in ActiveReports.

  • Custom Control Support

    Since ActiveReports is extensible and integrates tightly with your applications, it supports the use of custom visualization controls. This feature further enhances the amount of possibilities that you have to visualize data. You can essentially create a custom control and use it in the reports as a regular data visualization control.

  • Out-of-the-box Customizable Viewers

    Developers traditionally have to manage the output of reporting engines to show the report as part of their application. With completely customizable viewers available with ActiveReports, this whole process and code becomes very easy. These built-in viewers offer support for all the modern platforms allowing you to pick the one that suits your needs the best.

    • HTML5 Viewer: This viewer is completely JavaScript based and uses jQuery and jQueryUI. It offers full interactivity and rendering for all types of ActiveReports. This is ideal for customers who are building applications targeted towards the HTML5 platform or general web applications.
    • Web Viewer: The Web Viewer has different options. With the Web Viewer, you can choose from Flash, HTML, and PDF viewer output types. This viewer is helpful for any of the different web platforms that you want to focus on.
    • WinForms Viewer: The WinForms viewer is a viewer control to use within Windows Application. This offers the most complete set of functionality available in ActiveReports. It also supports touch platforms.
    • Silverlight Viewer: This viewer available for use in Silverlight applications.
    • WPF Viewer: The WPF Viewer is targeted towards developing on the WPF platform. You can use this viewer to get full ActiveReports rendering functionality. This viewer is also touch enabled.
  • Exporting Report Formats

    Exporting Report Formats

    Along with viewing reports, another important aspect of reporting is exporting reports in other re-distributable formats. ActiveReports supports the full breath of modern document types like PDF (with advance security support as well), Excel, Word, RTF, HTML, Text, XML, TIFF, Image, Printing, and so on. As with other aspects of the reporting lifecycle, the export process is also extensible using the API available.

  • Granular Control over Printing Reports

    Developers have system level control of printer jobs, paper sizes, multiple report pages on one sheet, duplex/booklet printing and paper trays. They can thus control how the output of the report will go to the printer and how the actual report will look on paper. This control is important to have when working with pre-printed forms and specific color based paper outputs (like duplicate invoice copies). Some examples for this are using different trays for different type of paper for reports (letter head stock and plain stock), printing on different gutter/margins for odd pages/even pages, printing on labels/envelope stock, and so on.

  • Scriptable Runtime Events

    Scriptable Runtime Events

    Reports designed in ActiveReports have scriptable events that are called at times of rendering and printing the report. These events can perform custom function/steps before actually sending the report for printing or viewing. You're able to run some steps after the print is done for example using these events. A typical example for this may be to send a success print notification based on the outcome of the print job when it is completed. Usually, you would have to write a wrapper around the report running to do all these and manage your own events, but with ActiveReports' built-in events, there's substantial time saving and ease of integration.

  • Layers

    Selective Control Printing based on Target Output

    Many reports do not look the same in all output formats (screen, PDF exports, print output and other exports). For example you may have pre-printed forms that you are printing on, but on the screen you want to see the form on the screen with the data. With visibility of report controls based on targets, you can show or hide certain controls based on what you want to see on the screen and what you want exported/printed. This ensures you do not have to create multiple report definitions based on the output of the content.

  • Per Developer Licensing

    Licensing is per developer based. This allows you to work on multiple projects using the same license. The particular advantage of this is that several projects you will work on may have some sort of reporting. Getting a license for each project is just too much of a cost overhead for each project budget. Like reusing of code, you can reuse the spend on the ActiveReports developer license.

  • No Royalty for Re-distribution/No User Fees

    This is another great value add that provides cost savings. A product is meant to be distributed to many users (often unknown numbers). The fact that you do not have to pay any royalty or user fees for redistribution takes away the need for you to track your sales and report back to us. It also makes the embedding ActiveReports into your products easier as there are no licensing pre-requisites. This is a tremendous cost savings.

  • Annual Maintenance Inclusions

    ActiveReports includes an optional annual maintenance add-on which includes phone, email and prioritized forum support. It also includes fixes, service packs and major releases for the year.


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