Buttons for iPhone

Find your ASP.NET button controls here. ComponentOne Buttons™ for iPhone includes three button controls familiar to iPhone users: C1Button, C1SwitchButton, and C1SegmentedButtons.

Button Controls Overview

  • C1Button control is a button item that can be placed in the content section of a C1ViewPort control.
  • C1SwitchButton is a control that allows users to choose between two states. By default, a switch button loads in the OFF position, but the button can be set to ON position by setting the Checked property to True.
  • C1SegmentedButtons control is series of buttons along a strip. The buttons are divided on the strip by a thin separator bar, providing the illusion that each button is a piece of the larger strip. Each button on this strip is a separate object represented by the C1SegmentedButton class.


Choose Between Two States for the C1SwitchButton Control

Use the C1SwitchButton control for displaying an ON/OFF button that can be toggled by the end-user. Choose Between Two States for the C1SwitchButton Control

7 built-in Button Types for the C1Button Control

Change the type of button by setting one property; select from the following styles: back, forward, destructive, immediate, primary, standard, and text only. 7 built-in Button Types for the C1Button Control

Customizable Segmented Buttons

The C1SegmentedButtons control displays multiple segments horizontally, where each segment acts as a discrete button. A segmented button can display a title or an image. Customizable Segmented Buttons

View in Portrait or Landscape

Automatic support for portrait or landscape orientations. View in Portrait or Landscape


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