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Write (or import) content in Microsoft Word®, HTML, or Doc-To-Help’s editor and then publish professional quality outputs for desktop, Web, mobile, SharePoint, and print use. That’s the power of Doc-To-Help. Just focus on the content; Doc-To-Help produces impressive deliverables for software Help, user manuals, policies, training, and more.

  • Write Once, Publish Everywhere

    Need to produce print and online versions? Need to turn your Word doucments into web content? Need a mobile version? Need to take it further tailor content for different audiences? Doc-To-Help helps you save time and ensures quality by publishing desktop, print, web, and mobile outputs from a single project. Each one looks as if you spent months designing it! Doc-To-Help can maintain multiple versions as well.

  • Author in Familiar Environments

    When creating new content you won't have to worry about learning a new editor. Write in Microsoft Word or Doc-To-Help's WYSIWYG editor. Doc-To-Help's editor has a very easy, office-like editor and everybody knows how to use Word. You can also use your favorite HTML editor.

  • Import What You Have

    Who doesn't have Word documents with instructions that others can use? Have you already written documentation in other tools? Unlock that information by letting Doc-To-Help turn them into web or mobile-based outputs that people can easily search and navigate. Doc-To-Help also imports HTML Help, WinHelp, and projects created in Adobe RoboHelp.

  • Give Your Content the “Wow” Factor

    Impressive, easy-to-read content will lead to a happier, more successful audience. Doc-To-Help gives you the tools to create quality materials without knowledge of design or development. Here are just some of the things that are a button click away:

    • Graphics and videos
    • Collapsing sections
    • Pop-up, expanding, and drop-down text
    • Theme editor
    • Image maps
    • Breadcrumbs for navigation
    • Custom buttons


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