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FlexGrid® is a fast, full-featured grid control that combines the powerful built-in features that you want with the flexibility and extensibility that you need. The only grid control available on seven different platforms, FlexGrid’s popularity is due to its familiar, Excel-like experience and excellent performance.

C1FlexGrid at-a-glance

  • Microsoft Excel-like behavior and functionality
  • Bound and unbound support
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Familiar WinForms API cross-platform
  • Sorting, grouping, filtering support
  • Multiple cell selection modes and cell merging
  • Custom cells and multi-row headers
  • Printing and export
  • Touch support

Features & Highlights

  • Go Bound or Unbound

    Go Bound or Unbound

    You can bind FlexGrid to anything that implements IEnumerable or bind directly to a list of objects. In addition to data binding, FlexGrid also works great in unbound mode. Simply add rows and columns to the grid using familiar syntax from the WinForms version of the control. When unbound the grid stores data internally.

  • Microsoft Excel-like Behavior

    Microsoft Excel-like Behavior

    FlexGrid is modeled after Microsoft Excel® with familiar and powerful keyboard handling, editing, selection, clipboard support, filtering, as well as performance and appearance. Editing in the FlexGrid is identical to editing in Excel so your users will find it intuitive. Pressing F2 or double-clicking a cell puts the grid into full-edit mode where pressing the cursor keys do not cause the editor to lose focus. Typing text directly into a cell puts the grid in quick-edit mode. The cell editor remains active until the user presses Enter, Tab, or Escape, or any arrow keys.

  • Group, Sort and Filter Your Data

    Group, Sort and Filter Your Data

    Get hierarchical views of your data which users can drill down. Users can create groups by dragging column headers into the grouping area. FlexGrid also supports built-in aggregation functions so that you can display calculated totals (sum, count, average, etc) on grouped rows. With Excel-like drop-down filters, users may select values that should be displayed or specify conditions that must be met by the values in the column.

  • Extend and Customize with Cell Factories

    Extend and Customize with Cell Factories

    Create your own Cell Factory to completely customize the appearance and behavior of the grid. FlexGrid makes it easy to define custom cells that can go beyond a traditional data grid experience and deliver your specific business requirements. For example you can easily provide conditional formatting or custom cell editors with the FlexGrid Cell Factories. Our samples show various scenarios for you to use as a starting point so you are up and running in no time.

  • Export and Print with Confidence

    Export and Print with Confidence

    FlexGrid supports export to Excel format (XLSX) as well as outputting directly to a printer. The control provides a GetPageImages method that breaks up the grid into a list of visual elements representing each page in a document which allows for printing in Silverlight with use of a PrintDocument. Rows are never cut in half on page breaks, and each page shows full column headers for best readability.

  • Fast and Lightweight

    Fast and Lightweight

    FlexGrid is famous for being fast and lightweight, yet still packed with popular features. Scrolling, resizing, collapsing, expanding, editing, everything happens fast! The FlexGrid uses full UI virtualization and intelligent visual management to achieve top performance. It's proven to be 3-10x faster at loading data and scrolling. But don't take our word for it. Go ahead and compare for yourself. For server-side data virtualization features we also include the C1DataSource component which works nicely with FlexGrid for Silverlight.


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