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The Industry's Most Agile .NET Grid for WinForms

FlexGrid® for WinForms is popular for a reason. It makes adding and customizing feature-rich data grids to your .NET Windows Forms applications very easy. With this control, you can display, edit, format, organize, summarize, and print tabular data. You can even add advanced features such as tree views, grouping, and Gantt views with minimal code.

When using FlexGrid, you can choose between the modern C1FlexGrid control or C1FlexGridClassic for an object model nearly identical to that found in the ActiveX VSFlexGrid control.

  • New in 2014 v1: Gantt View Mode

    New in 2014 v1: Gantt View Mode

    GanttView for WinForms adds built-in features for filtering, grouping, and printing. So now when you create a Microsoft Project based application, you can be rest assured that we have you covered.

  • Code-Free Development

    Code-Free Development

    Set up columns and styles at design time with easy-to-use editors accessible from the SmartTag. The column editor allows you to insert and remove columns, reorder columns, adjust column widths, and more. Modify existing styles and add custom styles with the style editor. Completely manage your grid without writing any code!

  • Blazing Fast .NET Grid

    Blazing Fast .NET Grid

    Display, filter, group, and edit large data sets without lag. FlexGrid is proven to be 3-10x faster than the competition when loading, scrolling, and working with data.

  • Easy and Powerful Customization Options

    Easy and Powerful Customization Options

    There's a reason we call it "FlexGrid." Customizing appearance and behavior is very easy. Create traditional data view, a tree view, use advanced features, add sparklines, and more. We have hundreds of samples that show how you can implement impressive features such as real-time spark lines and flash changes (great for financial applications) and outline views like the ones shown in Microsoft Excel or Apple's iTunes.

Enhanced Cell Editing

Use simple text editing, drop-down lists and combo lists, cell buttons, masks, and advanced data validation to control the editing process. For example, you can use an input mask to provide a template that automatically validates data as your users type, or choose to prevent users from editing specific columns altogether. Enhanced Cell Editing

Integrated Printing

Print your grid with a single statement! You have control over paper orientation, margins, and footer text, or you can show a dialog box to let your users select and set up the printer. Printing events allow you to control page breaks, add repeating header rows, or add custom elements to each page. Integrated Printing

Hierarchical Styles

View data the way that's best for you and your users with powerful properties and methods. For example, you can summarize data and add aggregate values with the Subtotal method or use the Tree property to display hierarchical views of the data. Hierarchical Styles

Microsoft Excel-style Filtering

When filtering is enabled for a column, a filter arrow will appear in the header. Clicking the arrow displays the filter editor where users can filter by list of values found in the column, specify up to two conditional filters, or create custom filters. Microsoft Excel-style Filtering

Flexible Data Binding

Use the grid in bound mode, where it displays data from any .NET data source, including ADO.NET and ComponentOne DataObjects for .NET, or in unbound mode, where the grid itself manages the data. Flexible Data Binding

Built-in Visual Styles

FlexGrid supports Visual Styles that mimic the styles available in Office 2007 including Blue, Silver, and Black. Built-in Visual Styles

Child Tables for Displaying Hierarchical Data

When FlexGrid is bound to a hierarchical data source, each master record can be expanded/collapsed to show/hide the details in child grids, which may in turn contain more details. The result is a "data tree" similar to the type of grid presented by Microsoft Access when displaying hierarchical data. This is accomplished by deriving a control (C1FlexDataTree) from the C1FlexGrid control. When bound, the control detects subordinate data sources and creates additional instances of itself to display child tables. Child Tables for Displaying Hierarchical Data

Make it a Tree

By setting the IsNode property for certain rows you can transform FlexGrid into a TreeView. You get a TreeView that has all the features of a rich datagrid. Make it a Tree

Images and Data in Cells

Each grid cell can display images in addition to data. You can even bind grid columns to image lists, an easy and efficient way to display database information graphically. Images and Data in Cells

Special Drawing Effects

Make the grid look the way you want it to by painting special effects such as lines, bitmaps, and icons in appropriate grid cells. You can also scale images and add transparency. Special Drawing Effects

Column Field Names

Refer to columns by name instead of position, if desired. Column keys are automatically assigned to field names when the grid is data-bound, or you may assign them with code. You can later refer to a column using a ColIndex(ColKey) syntax, which will retrieve the column you want even if your user has moved it to a different position on the grid. Column Field Names

Merged Cells

Merge contiguous like-valued cells, making them span multiple rows or columns to enhance appearance or clarity. Merged Cells

Range Aggregates

Calculate totals, averages, and other statistics for ranges of cells with a single statement! Range Aggregates

Multiple File Formats for Saving/Loading Data

Load from and save grid contents to text, .xls, .xlsx (OpenXml format) files, or Open XML files with other extensions. You can also load grid data from a database using DataReader objects. Multiple File Formats for Saving/Loading Data

Right-to-left Support

C1FlexGrid fully supports RTL (or "right-to-left") layout for Arabic and Hebrew cultures. Just set the RightToLeft property to True. Right-to-left Support


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