Make LINQ faster and get live views with ComponentOne LiveLinq™. This unique class library augments the functionality of LINQ using indexing and other optimizations to speed up LINQ queries up to 100 times faster or more. And with live view, your LINQ query result is kept up-to-date without re-populating it every time its base data changes. Now with Silverlight compatibility!


Speed Gains

LiveLinq uses indexing and other optimizations to speed up LINQ queries in memory. Speed gains can be hundreds and even thousands of times on queries with high selectivity conditions. Typical/average gains are lower but still significant, a 10-50 times speedup can be considered typical. Speed Gains

Indexed Collection

The Indexed Collection provides a database-type view. You can run a LINQ query against an Indexed Collection and bind the result to a data view. The data view will automatically display the newly added entries that meet the criteria for the query. Indexed Collection

Support for Live Views to LINQ

Live view is a LINQ query result that is kept constantly up-to-date without re-populating it every time its base data changes. This makes LiveLinq extremely useful in common data-binding scenarios where objects are edited and may be filtered in or out of views, have their associated subtotals updated and so on. They bridge the gap between data and logic, and can make data-centric applications much simpler and more efficient. Support for Live Views to LINQ

Data Binding

LiveLinq not only accelerates typical queries, but it also allows you to use LINQ in data binding scenarios that would not be possible with standard LINQ. Data Binding

Silverlight Support

LiveLinq is now supported in Silverlight applications. Add support for live views to LINQ in Silverlight. Since live views automatically react to changes, they greatly widen the sphere of declarative programming, not only in data binding and GUI but in many other programming scenarios as well. Silverlight Support

Product Reviews

Michael Campbell from SQL Server Magazine writes on how to boost LINQ performance and improve data-binding options. Read more.

Mike Riley from WindowsITPro Magazine writes a review on LiveLinq proclaiming, "The performance gains and optimization made as a result of using LiveLinq are stunning." Read more.

Peter Vogel from Visual Studio Magazine wrote about LiveLinq stating, "If you need to solve response-time problems with large object collections, or hope to improve scalability by using caching, LiveLINQ looks like an outstanding solution." Read more.


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