Maps Powered by Esri

Maps Powered by Esri

ComponentOne no longer ships Esri mapping SDKs along with our studios. But you can still use Esri with ComponentOne in your WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone apps.

Why use Maps Powered by Esri?

  • Esri is the Mapping Leader

    Esri is the Mapping Leader

    Esri is the leading online map and GIS provider and is the company of choice among many of the top companies and government agencies. Using maps within your application is a very technical thing, so you do not want to take your chance using anyone but the best.
  • More Data Available to You

    More Data Available to You

    The ArcGIS online services include free access to substantial amounts of geographical data made available by Esri. This includes map services for world imagery, topographies, population demographics and more. Plus get access to geographical data such as census information. This data is available at no extra charge without separate licenses or user tokens.
  • Fullfill Your Mapping Needs

    Fullfill Your Mapping Needs

    Esri mapping tools are flexible and will fill the needs of any mapping solution. Advanced GIS tasks include locating addresses, geoprocessing, routing and driving directions, heat mapping, Geometric operations such as buffers, spatial relationships, and simplification, and more.
  • 100+ UI Controls to Complete Your App

    100+ UI Controls to Complete Your App

    With ComponentOne Studios for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone you get access to over a hundred UI controls to polish and complete your apps. With ComponentOne you get datagrids, charts, gauges and more. Use these controls to enhance the look and feel of your application.


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