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Create multi-level menus with animation effects, image and check box items, interactive item scrolling, and more. You can even create a pop-up menu for context help within your application. ComponentOne Menu™ for ASP.NET Wijmo makes it easy with design-time support and client-side API.


Vertical and Horizontal Menus

Menus and its submenus can be rendered either horizontally or vertically and include other layout options. Vertical and Horizontal Menus


C1Menu can scroll top level menus, sub menus, and sub groups. You can set the scroll mode option to button click scrolling, button hover scrolling, edge hover scrolling, or scroll bars. Scrolling

Menu Item Icons

Menu items can have their own icons. Choose from the many built-in icons or add your own icon to the menu. Menu Item Icons


Menu supports different expand and collapse animation effects. For example, fade in, scroll in from the top, open horizontally, bounce, and more. Animation

Overlay Flash, ActiveX, and Windowed Objects

Unlike other menu controls, C1Menu can overlay any windowed objects, Flash, ActiveX and other standard and 3rd party components – so you're not limited in your website design. Overlay Flash, ActiveX, and Windowed Objects

Data Binding Support

Bind the C1Menu control to a data source – you can bind to an XML data source or SiteMap data source, or you can even read data from Access data source and create the C1Menu hierarchy dynamically. Data Binding Support

Keyboard Support

Add access key support to give the C1Menu control focus with a chosen key combination. This enables end-users to use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate through the menu and menu items and the ENTER key to open a link in a menu item. Keyboard Support


With just a click of the SmartTag, change the menu's look by selecting one of the 6 premium themes (Arctic, Midnight, Aristo, Rocket, Cobalt, and Sterling). Optionally, use ThemeRoller from jQuery UI to create a customized theme! Theming

CSS Support

Use a cascading style sheet (CSS) style to define custom skins. CSS support allows you to match the menu control to your organization's standards. CSS Support


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