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Create PDF Documents from Your .NET WinForms Applications

Part of the Studio for WinForms control collection, PDF for .NET uses familiar .NET syntax to generate PDFs from your C# or VB .NET applications. These PDFs can be generated from UI elements, such as grids and charts, HTML, or data sources. PDF for .NET supports commonly used PDF features such as forms, security, compression, and more.

  • Easily Add Content

    Easily Add Content

    Add text, images, and shapes with syntax similar to what you will find in the WinForms Graphics class. This makes sure you can get started with PDF for .NET on Day 1.

  • Create Bookmarks (PDF Outline)

    Create Bookmarks (PDF Outline)

    Create a PDF outline with bookmarks so readers can easily navigate your documents using a TOC-like pane.

  • Add Fillable Forms to Your Documents

    Add Fillable Forms to Your Documents

    Use the new AddField method to add Acrobat form fields to your PDF documents. PDF for .NET supports the following field types: text box, check box, radio button, push button, combo box, list box, and signature fields.
  • Use HTML to Create Documents

    Easily render HTML into your PDF documents. You can flow HTML content into multiple pages or columns, use existing style sheets, and mix HTML with other types of content (images, RTF, plain text, form fields, and so on).

  • Full Image Placement and Compression Support

    Place and draw images at a specified location with familiar .NET syntax. Any regular .NET image object, including metafiles can be rendered. These metafiles are not converted into bitmaps; they are parsed and converted into vector graphics commands and thus retain the best possible resolution.

  • Control Document Information and Viewer Preference

    PDF allows you to add meta data to the PDF documents you create. Specify author, creation date, keywords, and so on. You can also provide default viewer preferences to be applied when the document is opened in the Adobe Reader. Specify the initial page layout, window position, as well as reader toolbar and menu visibility.

  • Document Security and Permission Support

    All PDF security, permission, and encryption features are supported. Set owner and reader passwords, use encryption, or selectively restrict users' access to print, copy, and edit documents.

  • Add Attachments

    Attach any kind of file, including spreadsheets, other documents multimedia files with movies and sound, and sample code. Simply specify which file you want to attach, what area of the page should contain the attachment, and optionally, the appearance of the attachment.

  • Use Hyperlinks and Anchor Links

    Link to external URLs or anchors within the document.


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