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ComponentOne Query™ 8.0 is an elegant solution for ad hoc querying. Query collects end-user input and generates a SQL query or an ADO Filter condition at run time. You can add ad hoc query functionality to your apps and make it directly available to end-users, instead of preparing all imaginable queries beforehand at design time.


Directly Available Ad Hoc Querying

Query shields end-users from the complexities of database structure. End-users can construct their queries using convenient names and business concepts that they already know. Your end-users don't require any special skills in order to use Query in an application or need to be aware that the component was used to create the application. Directly Available Ad Hoc Querying

Easy-to-use, Built-in Interface

Query provides a built-in user interface that makes implementing ad hoc functionality as easy as dropping two controls on a form. You can use the interface as is, or readily customize it using templates and other easy-to-use options. You are no longer forced to use an interface that doesn't suit your needs! Easy-to-use, Built-in Interface

Powerful Query Generation Engine

Query contains a powerful query generation engine that supports queries spanning multiple tables. This means that you can create schemas exposing database fields to your users in a customized form by specifying relationships between tables. Powerful Query Generation Engine

SQL Database Support

SQL queries generated by Query can run in every database supporting SQL. You can execute them using any database access engine available in Microsoft Windows: ADO/OLEDB, DAO, ODBC, and native database interfaces. You can customize the resulting SQL syntax, adjusting it to your database requirements. SQL Database Support

Simple DataSource Mode

If your queries don’t span multiple tables (a common case in many applications), using Query becomes a matter of "point and click." It can be bound to any ADO/OLE DB data source, just like any data-aware control, and will instantly be able to receive user input and generate queries without using the Schema Designer. Simple DataSource Mode

Hierarchical Folder Structure

The built-in user interface exposes fields to your end-users in the form of a hierarchical folder structure. This enables you to name and organize query fields according to the customer business domain, rather than deal with database table and column names. Hierarchical Folder Structure

Lookup Lists

You can specify "lookup data source" for a field and Query will present end-users with a lookup combo or menu (for example, users can select a product from a list of products, instead of entering a cryptic ID). Adding a lookup is as easy as calling a method specifying the data source and the names of the fields in the lookup. And it's fully customizable - you can create fixed lookup lists in schema or you can retrieve them from a database or fill them programmatically in a special event. Lookup Lists

Custom Editors

You can use the default edit and lookup facilities included with Query or you can specify any ActiveX control as an editor for a constant value in a query. This way, you can implement custom editing and custom lookup. Custom Editors

Multi-table Views

You can create multi-table views combining information stored in different tables with the Schema Designer. Multi-table Views

Calculated Fields

Calculated fields can be added to schema views so that users can query these fields as if they were stored in the database. Calculated Fields


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