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Implement your own scheduling apps with ComponentOne Scheduler™ for Silverlight. This out-of-the-box scheduling solution comes complete with five built-in views, recurring appointments, reminders, labels, data binding, grouping, import/export and much more. Developing a scheduling app from scratch has never been easier!

Features & Highlights

  • Complete Outlook-style Scheduling

    Complete Outlook-style Scheduling

    Out of the box, C1Schedule gives you complete Microsoft Outlook-style scheduling. Users can create appointments that occur one-time, all day, or recurring with support for reminders, labels, and availability status. Stay organized with categories, resources, and contacts linked to each appointment. Synchronize C1Schedule to the C1Calendar control to provide seamless date range navigation.

  • Five Built-in Views

    Five Built-in Views

    The C1Scheduler control includes five built-in views, allowing you to offer a variety of ways for users to view their schedules. View the schedule by day, week, work week, month, or time line. With time line view the time is displayed horizontally and groups are arranged vertically, much like the ‘Schedule’ view introduced in Microsoft Outlook 2010. The control also supports the creation of custom views.

  • Flexible Data Binding, Import and Export

    Flexible Data Binding, Import and Export

    Bind C1Scheduler to any collection of business objects or use the C1.Silverlight.Data assembly to easily save and load appointments, categories, contacts, labels, resource, and appointment status. You can also save or load data in two supported formats: XML or iCalendar (iCal).

  • Resource Grouping

    Resource Grouping

    Group appointments by contacts, resources or categories to create a multi-column layout where each column corresponds to a different item. Navigate through any number of grouped items with ease. Simply drag an appointment to reassign it to a different resource, category or contact. Grouping is supported in all scheduler views.

  • Localize and Customize Dialogs

    Localize and Customize Dialogs

    Customize all of the scheduling dialogs by using any of the available source XAML files to tweak the layout, style and logic. Add your own custom data fields and create your own look for appointment, recurrence, reminders, and other dialog boxes. C1Scheduler also supports localized resource files for localization, and includes over 20 different cultures.

  • Custom Styles and Themes

    Custom Styles and Themes

    Choose a quick, built-in theme or customize your own look and feel for your scheduler. You can very easily customize the style and appearance of C1Schedule and C1Calendar by setting brush properties in Visual Studio thanks to our ClearStyle technology. The controls also support several built-in themes and the many professional themes included with Studio for Silverlight.


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