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When you need the power of a Microsoft Excel-like spreadsheet combined with the functionally of an advanced data grid, you need Spread - the world’s #1 selling spreadsheet component for Microsoft Visual Studio development. Spread provides a flexible and familiar spreadsheet/grid architecture, advanced charting, and a powerful formula library that is ideal for creating financial modeling and risk analysis, budgeting, insurance, scientific and many other types of applications.

One Package Delivers Four Versions

Spread Studio contains four versions of Spread, one for each major Visual Studio development. Each contains Spread's core technology and is then optimized for its corresponding platform.

Spread Info

Windows RT

Spreadsheet and data visualization for WinRT

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Spreadsheet and data visualization for WPF and Silverlight

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Spreadsheet and data visualization for Windows Forms

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Spreadsheet and data visualization for ASP.NET

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Common Uses

  • Financial Risk Analysis Modeling

  • Data Visualization, Analysis & Dashboards

  • Decision Matrix

  • Budgeting

  • Scientific & Engineering Modeling

  • Complex Forms & Data Entry

  • Project Management

Popular Features

  • Excel like characteristics, such as functions, formulas, enhanced filtering, sorting, conditional formatting, setting of cell types at the cell level, Sheets, etc.

  • Read Excel files and/or generate Excel output from your business application

  • Advanced grid-like features: data binding/unbound/mixed modes

  • Flexible tabular layout, making it easy to create complex UI layouts and presentation of data

  • Share via PDF, print/print preview, Excel (XLS, XSLX), and delimited files (CSV, TXT)

Features & Highlights

Whether you develop for desktop, web or touch devices, Spread provides the features you need to tackle most any application.

  • Excel UI, Excel Features in an Extensible Component

    Excel UI, Excel Features in an Extensible Component

    Modeled after Microsoft Excel, Spread includes all the must-have spreadsheet features that your application needs. Spread supports reading/writing native Excel files, cross-sheet formula referencing using the 300+ built-in functions, charting, print/print preview, grouping, searching, filtering, sorting, import/export support, editable and graphical celltypes, conditional formatting, undo/redo, data binding/unbound modes, and much more. Using the extensible object models, you have complete control. All royalty-free.

  • Touch


    Spread has been re-designed with a touch-first UX in mind. We've added Excel 2013-like UI touch appearance and behaviors including tap & drag resizing, pinch zoom, and swipe panning & scrolling. Support for multi-touch ensures delivery of compelling and interactive experiences for tablets, phones and even desktops. Maybe.

  • Intuitive Designers

    Intuitive Designers

    The easy-to-use, intuitive Spread Designers make creating detailed spreadsheets, inputs or datagrid screens quick and painless. Design new forms or edit existing forms using the Excel-like, visual, drag-and-drop UI—all without writing code. Plus, built-in Chart Designers & UI editors make developing dashboards a snap.

  • Complete Formula Library & Calculation Engine

    Complete Formula Library & Calculation Engine

    Spread includes a powerful calculation engine that allows you to quickly add formulas to your applications by using any of the 300+ pre-defined functions. Spread also supports custom functions and cross-sheet formula referencing.

    Function Categories

    • Date and Time

    • Engineering

    • Financial

    • Information

    • Logical

    • Look Up

    • Math & Trigonometry

    • Statistical

    • Text

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  • CellTypes

    Just like Excel, you are not limited to having the same celltype for columns only. Cell types can be set for individual cells, a range of cells, columns, rows, or an entire sheet.

    Editable Cell Types

    • Currency

    • Date-Time

    • Mask

    • Number

    • Percent

    • Regular Expression

    • Text

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    Graphical Cell Types

    • Barcode

    • Button

    • Check Box

    • Color Picker

    • Combo Box

    • Hyperlink

    • Image

    • List Box Cell

    • Multiple Option

    • Progress Indicator

    • Text

    • Slider

    • Multiple-Column Combo Box

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  • Data Visualization

    Data Visualization

    Give your data a voice with the data visualization functionality provided in Spread. Recognize trends, isolate out-of-range values, and gain a clear understanding of your data.

  • Charting


    Create impressive 2D & 3D charts at design time using the Spread Designer and Chart Designer, or through code using the comprehensive Chart object model. Charts can be bound to external data sources, and you can allow end-users to make changes to the chart formatting at run time.

    • Column

    • Line

    • Pie

    • Bar

    • Area

    • XY

    • Bubble

    • Stock

    • XYZ

    • Doughnut

    • Radar

    • Polar

  • Sparklines


    Sparklines are tiny charts drawn directly inside cells to provide a visual representation of your data, right next to the data itself. Spread supports multiple sparklines, plus the ability to import/export sparklines to Excel.

  • Conditional Formatting

    Conditional Formatting

    Change the appearance of a cell range based on conditions. Use visualizations such as data bars, color scales, and icon sets to help you visually answer specific questions about your data, highlight interesting cells or ranges of cells, and emphasize unusual values.


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