Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo

The Ultimate UI Tools for ASP.NET WebForms

Your Web, Your Way. Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo is the complete development toolkit for creating and styling perfect web applications. Be confident that your apps will look and perform great on any device, all while saving development time. With over 45 controls for Webforms, MVC, and HTML5, Wijmo has you covered.

2014 v1 Now Available! Download the 2014 v1 update to access new BarCode and Candlestick Chart controls, a new MVC5 template with Bootstrap support, grid enhancements, and more. See the what's new for details.

Features & Highlights

Develop web applications with ease using ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo.

  • One Technology for All ASP.NET Development

    One Technology for All ASP.NET Development

    Powered by our core Wijmo technology, ComponentOne controls provide the ultimate UI experience from WebForms to MVC. With support for both client and server-side development, your team will have a versatile toolset to create stunning applications. Built with HTML5, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, CSS3, and SVG, the Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo suite helps you to build faster, smoother, and more engaging sites.

  • Full Cross-browser Compatibility

    Full Cross-browser Compatibility

    One of the greatest challenges today’s web developers face is to create applications available across all devices and browsers. When powered by Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo , you can rest easy that your website will simply work on every browser and device without constant tweaking; the studio supports IE6+, Firefox3+, Safari3+ and Chrome.

  • Enhance User Experience with Touch

    Enhance User Experience with Touch

    Provide an immersive touch environment. Every Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo control supports touch gestures allowing you to provide interactive and engaging applications for any device.

  • Effortless Application-wide Theming

    Effortless Application-wide Theming

    Take your apps from functional to visually engaging with ThemeRoller. With over 30 built-in jQuery themes and all the options you could hope for to brand your apps, ThemeRoller helps you deliver true and consistent application wide theming. Learn more about the Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo rich theming architecture or launch the ASP.NET Theme Explorer to see for yourself.

  • Rapid Development with MVC 5 Support

    Rapid Development with MVC 5 Support

    To help you get up and running quickly with your next project, we provide MVC templates that fully support Scaffolding and Bootstrap.

  • The Most Innovative Technology

    The Most Innovative Technology

    Your web applications will perform faster, run smoother, and be more engaging than ever before. Built with HTML5, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, CSS3, and SVG, Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo controls make your applications suitable for today's web.

  • Rich Data Visualization with HTML5 Chart and Gauge

    Rich Data Visualization with HTML5 Chart and Gauge

    Build superior websites and dashboards with Charts and Gauges for ASP.NET Wijmo. Built on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and HTML5, Wijmo charts and gauges let you create rich interactive data visualization with full control over DOM.
  • Powerful DataGrid

    Powerful DataGrid

    Fully AJAXified with advanced features like filtering, paging, virtual scrolling. C1GridView gives you complete control over how your data is managed and displayed. The GridView control offers rich editing interface for both client and server side. You can easily merge and group the grid for custom display or even use templates to get a customized look. The control is fully compatible with the default ASP.NET GridView allowing easy transition.
  • Versatile Reporting

    Versatile Reporting

    Deliver your mission critical reports with our report control and report viewer. Easily create banded reports without being an expert and effortlessly migrate from Crystal Reports.
  • Scheduling & Editing

    Scheduling & Editing

    Build intuitive event planners with EventsCalendar. Maintain data integrity with several input controls and client-side validation.
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