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The Ultimate UI Control Collection for ASP.NET

Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo delivers a complete development toolkit for creating and styling modern Web applications that work in any browser. The Web Forms controls, MVC scaffolding, and HTML5/JavaScript widgets included will help you add fast and flexible grids, data visualization (charts, gauges, reports), and scheduling with just a few lines of code. Since it is based on our popular Wijmo JavaScript core technology, you get a unified set of client and server-side tools built with HTML5, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, CSS3, and SVG.

Web Forms Controls

Complete set of rich Visual Studio Web Forms controls powered by core Wijmo technology.

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MVC Tools

Scaffolding and project templates that help you use Wijmo JavaScript/HTML5 widgets in MVC quickly and automatically.

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Wijmo Widgets

A popular set of stand alone JavaScript/HTML5 UI controls for mobile and Web application development.

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Features & Highlights

Develop web applications with ease using ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo.

  • Full Cross-browser Compatibility

    Full Cross-browser Compatibility

    One of the greatest challenges today’s web developers face is to create applications available across all devices and browsers. When powered by Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo, you can rest easy that your website will simply work on every browser and device without constant tweaking; the studio supports IE6+, Firefox3+, Safari3+, and Chrome.

  • Enhance User Experience with Touch

    Enhance User Experience with Touch

    Provide an immersive touch environment. Every Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo control supports touch gestures allowing you to provide interactive and engaging applications for any device.

  • Effortless Application-wide Theming

    Effortless Application-wide Theming

    Take your apps from functional to visually engaging with ThemeRoller. With over 30 built-in jQuery themes and all the options you could hope for to brand your apps, ThemeRoller helps you deliver true and consistent application-wide theming. Learn more about the Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo rich theming architecture or launch the ASP.NET Theme Explorer to see for yourself.

  • Rapid Development with MVC 5 Support

    Rapid Development with MVC 5 Support

    To help you get up and running quickly with your next project, we provide MVC templates that fully support Scaffolding and Bootstrap.

  • The Latest Web Technology

    The Latest Web Technology

    Your web applications will perform faster, run smoother, and be more engaging than ever before. Built with HTML5, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, CSS3, and SVG, Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo controls make your applications suitable for today's web.

  • New Maps Control

    New Maps Control

    Visualize geographic data on a map with the all new Maps for ASP.NET Wijmo. Get smooth zooming, panning, and mapping between screen and geographic coordinates. You can display online maps from multiple sources and even superimpose your own custom elements onto maps. Available in the Web Forms and MVC collections.

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