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The Ultimate UI Tools for MVC

Part of Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo, our MVC Tools generate rich and interactive Views and Controllers for your entire Model from HTML5/JavaScript templates. Since this project template contains our popular Wijmo JavaScript widget collection, you will have the best available UI, grids, charts, and gauges built right into your project.

  • Project Templates

    We provide two templates to get you started. One is based on jQueryUI and Wijmo 3 and the other is based on AngularJS and Wijmo 5. Both have Wijmo widgets baked in.

  • Scaffolding

    MVC 5 Scaffolding creates all the necessary controllers and views for you.

  • Editor Templates

    Don't worry about writing editable fields. Our editor templates do that for you.

Features & Highlights

  • MVC 5 Project Templates with Bootstrap Support

    MVC 5 Project Templates with Bootstrap Support

    Easily develop MVC 5 applications with the new Wijmo MVC 5 template. Our template has built in Scaffolding that is automatically enhanced with Wijmo and offers Custom Editors for improved data entry forms. Our MVC 5 Templates also leverage the Bootstrap theme. With our MVC5 Tools you will have everything in one place to get quickly started in MVC.

  • MVC Mobile Support

    MVC Mobile Support

    Rapidly develop Mobile Web Apps using MVC with ComponentOne Mobile MVC Tools powered by Wijmo. Our tools include a ready-to-use Mobile Project Template and custom Mobile Scaffolding to make creating Mobile MVC apps easier than ever.

  • Project Templates with AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Javascript Controls Baked In

    Project Templates with AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Javascript Controls Baked In

    We provide project templates that are already enhanced with the latest Web technologies, such as jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript, helping you to rapidly develop MVC applications with interfaces richer than Web Forms.

  • Custom MVC Scaffolding Enhanced with Wijmo

    Custom MVC Scaffolding Enhanced with Wijmo

    In the Wijmo Project Templates we include custom MVC Scaffolding. Our scaffolding derives from Microsoft's Scaffolding from MVC. The difference is that ours automatically enhances the generated Views with jQuery and Wijmo. The Wijmo MVC Scaffolding generates rich interactive Views and Controllers for your entire Model.

  • Wijmo-enhanced Editor Templates

    Wijmo-enhanced Editor Templates

    We provide Wijmo-enhanced EditorTemplates in the Wijmo Project Templates that turn EditorFor helpers into rich editors based on their data type. For instance, any DateTime field will be rendered as a Date Input with a pop-up Calendar. These editors make for a much richer experience than just plain TextBoxes.

  • Theming


    Wijmo includes 6 premium CSS3 themes, 24 jQuery UI themes, and Themeroller - a custom theme builder. Learn more.

  • Cross-browser Compatibility

    Cross-browser Compatibility

    Save time and effort by using Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo components to ensure that your UI works in all standard browsers. We make cross-browser development effortless. All of our controls work in IE6+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3+, Chrome and Opera. We utilize new features in modern browsers while still supporting legacy browsers.

  • New Maps Control

    New Maps Control

    Visualize geographic data on a map with the all new Maps for ASP.NET Wijmo. Get smooth zooming, panning, and mapping between screen and geographic coordinates. You can display online maps from multiple sources and even superimpose your own custom elements onto maps.

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