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60+ Powerful Silverlight Controls for Modern Business Applications

Inside ComponentOne Studio® for Silverlight you'll find the right tool for the right job. The studio comes packed with over 60 UI controls and libraries you need to shorten your development cycle and create modern Web and desktop applications for today and tomorrow. These powerful, yet lightweight, controls include fast grids, powerful charts, and professional themes that are easy to plug into your applications.

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Silverlight at-a-glance

  • 60+ controls and libraries
  • 17 themes including Office 2013
  • Localized Resources for 20+ cultures
  • Silverlight 4 and 5 support
  • Visual Studio 2013 and Expression Blend
  • Gesture and multi-touch support
  • MVVM and UI automation (UIA) support

Features & Highlights

  • Stunning and Superior Data Visualization

    Stunning and Superior Data Visualization

    With 40+ chart types, flexible data binding, optimization for large data sets, and so many extensibility points, C1Chart is a powerful control you need in your toolbox. Top financial and professional service companies prefer C1Chart for their data visualization needs. We have you covered when it comes to 3D surface charts too with C1Chart3D. And bring your geographic dashboards to life with C1Maps, a live map viewer with vector and UI element layers for simplified visualizations.

    Chart Chart3D Maps

  • Load Large Data with the Fastest Grid

    Load Large Data with the Fastest Grid

    Experience the FlexGrid's legendary flexibility, speed, and small footprint. Inspired by Microsoft Excel for creating bound and unbound grids and scrolling speed 10x faster than the competition, C1FlexGrid provides built-in printing, cell merging, column aggregation, custom cells, and all the extensibility you need for your business data. With our innovative, server-side Virtual Mode technology you can navigate through infinitely large data sets asynchronously while scrolling.

    FlexGrid Entity Framework DataSource

  • First-class Support for Popular Formats: PDF, HTML

    First-class Support for Popular Formats: PDF, HTML

    Get complete support for reading and writing HTML and PDF content in Silverlight with many of our controls. View your PDF documents and HTML reports using our innovative C1PdfViewer and C1ReportViewer controls. Export your data and create PDFs with ease using our C1Pdf library. Display Web pages in all of your apps with C1HtmlHost and deliver complete HTML and RTF editing with our Microsoft Word-like C1RichTextBox control.

    PdfViewer Pdf Library RichTextBox HtmlHost

  • Out of the Box Scheduling Solutions

    Out of the Box Scheduling Solutions

    Create a complete appointment or event scheduling application in minutes with our C1Schedule and C1Calendar controls. C1Scheduler can be easily tailored to fit any data model and gives you five built-in appointment views: day, week, work week, month and time line. Bind your schedule to the data source of your choice, use local XML storage or import/export iCal data.

    Scheduler Calendar

  • 17 Complete, Professional Themes

    17 Complete, Professional Themes

    Get 17 themes including Modern UI and Office 2013 for the entire studio. These complete themes not only style ComponentOne controls but the standard ones too. So you can deliver a professionally designed theme for your entire application in just seconds. But if you do need a customized look that our themes do not provide, you can easily change control brushes in Visual Studio without having to override control templates thanks to our time-saving ClearStyle technology baked into every ComponentOne control.

    Browse Themes ClearStyle

  • Localization for 20+ Cultures

    Broaden your global audience with quick localization support for 20+ international cultures. Studio for Silverlight includes the necessary resource files for localizing your apps so you can publish in Arabic, Chinese (General, Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, English, German, Greek, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

  • Write Once, Deploy Everywhere

    Write Once, Deploy Everywhere

    Studio for Silverlight controls share the same codebase as our WPF and WinRT controls. So you can build rich Web, desktop and mobile client applications while sharing a lot of the same code. This will reduce development time, cost and eliminate the learning curve of having to learn controls from multiple platforms.

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