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  • Control Explorer

    Control Explorer

    Experience every Studio for Silverlight control firsthand with the Control Explorer. Launch the demo, select a control from the list, modify settings, and view key features of each control.

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  • Entity Framework DataSource

    Entity Framework DataSource

    See how the ComponentOne Entity Framework DataSource components improve and simplify data binding by solving common problems related to loading, paging, filtering, and saving data with RIA Services. It also provides performance enhancements such as fast loading and transparent scrolling over large data sets with Virtual Mode.

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  • InvExplorer


    Invexplorer allows users to build portfolios with stocks, optionally including purchase quantity and price paid for the stock. It retrieves financial data from web services and uses it to calculate the current value and change in each portfolio, and to create charts comparing the evolution in value for the stocks included in the portfolios.

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  • OData Explorer

    OData Explorer

    This demo allows users to select and browse OData sources. The sample follows the MVVM pattern. It contains a list of DataSource objects that represent OData sources. Each source contains a list of DataTable objects that are implemented using the DataTable class in C1Data. The DataTable object is responsible for building the ICollectionView objects that allow tables to be used in bindings.

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  • Outlook UI

    Outlook UI

    This demo uses the C1Toolbar and C1OutlookBar controls to give you a Silverlight implementation of the familiar Microsoft Outlook user interface. See the Office 2007 and 2010 themes in action, or set your own custom color scheme with ease.

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  • FlexGrid Excel Book

    FlexGrid Excel Book

    This demo shows how the C1FlexGrid control can be configured to behave just like Microsoft Excel. This online spreadsheet application includes Excel-style appearance, clipboard support, printing, dynamic subtotals, advanced filtering, calculation functions, sorting and file output to several popular formats.

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  • Built-in Localization

    Built-in Localization

    See how each control can be localized in 20 international languages including Arabic, Czech, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish.

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  • Factories Map

    Factories Map

    This demo uses C1Maps to show production and distribution information from a manufacturer. Drag and drop items onto the map. Click items to view relative information displayed using Gauges.

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  • Stock Portfolio

    Stock Portfolio

    Create and manage a stock portfolio. The sample loads the stock portfolio from isolated storage (or creates a new one when run for the first time). The app then retrieves real-time stock quotes using a Web service and shows the portfolio information in a grid. The grid shows personal portfolio information, real time stock information, and some calculated data. You can add new stocks to the portfolio or remove existing ones.

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  • SocialMap Facebook App

    SocialMap Facebook App

    This Silverlight Facebook application uses C1Maps to visualize where all of your friends are around the world. The app integrates with Facebook and uses geocoding to determine where each friend is located based on their address.

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