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WinForms Controls for Today's Business Applications

Studio for WinForms is a complete .NET toolkit that includes the controls you need to build modern-looking, high-performance, and even touch-enabled applications. Display and visualize data with grids, charts, gauges, and even reports. Build UI with a Ribbon, tile control, input panels, and more. Even take advantage of PDF controls and a full reporting solution.

  • Display Data with Fast and Flexible Grids

    Display Data with Fast and Flexible Grids

    Our FlexGrid and TrueDBGrid controls have long been the most popular in the industry because they can handle large amounts of data, have many out-of-the box features, and are easily customized. Don't worry about coding advanced features such as sorting, cell merging, filtering, tree views, and paging. We've got that covered.

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  • Build Complex Data Visualization

    Build Complex Data Visualization

    Data visualization and dashboard building is a common and complex challenge faced by today's developers. The good news is that we have done the coding for you. Our 80+ 2D and 3D chart types, grids, and gauges make it very easy to connect to and summarize data.

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  • Easily Create Professional Themes

    Easily Create Professional Themes

    New Themes and our improved ThemeDesigner for WinForms application makes customization lightning fast. Choose from over 25 professionally designed themes or create your own. Either way, it only takes a single line of code to theme your entire application.

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  • Build Touch-Enabled Modern UI

    Build Touch-Enabled Modern UI

    WinForms applications can look and act like the latest Windows 8 releases with Studio for WinForms. Controls such as TileControl and the touch toolkit make this possible and easy. No need to learn new technologies.

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  • Design and Generate Reports

    Design and Generate Reports

    Use the integrated reporting controls to effortlessly create customized and branded reports. We even include a ReportDesigner application that is free to distribute so you can let your end users create their own.

    For an even more advanced reporting, see ActiveReports, our complete reporting solution.

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  • Support for Entity Framework 6 with C1DataSource

    Support for Entity Framework 6 with C1DataSource

    The C1DataSource component makes Entity Framework data sources look like the traditional WinForms data sources you are familiar with. It allows you to data bind your views directly on the designer surface, with easy-to-use property dialog boxes and very little code to write. Now, Entity Framework 6 is supported, making Studio for WinForms one of the only collections of its kind to do so.

  • Learn from over 500 Samples

    Learn from over 500 Samples

    Take the guesswork out of Windows Forms development. Studio for WinForms includes over 500 samples that explain the hows and whys of every control. Whether you are trying to address a charting requirement in C# or need to implement custom filtering in a grid using VB, this extensive library is at your disposal. If you cannot find a sample that addresses your specific need, our team of experts is here to answer any questions to get you going quickly.

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