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WinForms Controls for Today's Business Applications

Create visually stunning and immersive enterprise applications that will scale with tomorrow’s technology. With controls ranging from the industry staple FlexGrid control to full-featured reporting solutions, Studio for WinForms offers the most complete collection of Windows Forms controls on the market.

WinForms at-a-glance

  • 65+ .NET Controls, including FlexGrid and True DBGrid
  • Controls that perfectly mimic popular UI elements, including Modern UI
  • Build Complex Dashboards with DataGrids, 2D & 3D Charts and Gauges
  • Pixel-perfect reporting, PDF and print-preview controls
  • 500+ unique code samples

Features & Highlights

Develop Desktop applications with ease using ComponentOne Studio for WinForms.

  • Easily Create Professional Themes

    Easily Create Professional Themes

    How quickly can you take a functional app and make it beautiful? In no time at all with our new Themes and improved ThemeDesigner for WinForms application. All it takes are a few clicks to completely change the look and feel of your application. And with over 25 professionally designed themes available for your use, every application can look like a masterpiece.

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  • Truly Flexible Grids

    Truly Flexible Grids

    Desktop application users love Grids. They're fast, display data efficiently, and familiar -- just like our Grid controls in Studio for WinForms, FlexGrid and TrueDBGrid. With blazing fast performance and amazing stability, ComponentOne Grids are the best choice for all your Grid-related application needs. Try them out and see how quickly you will be addicted to the ease of implementing all your needs.

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  • All in One Reporting

    All in One Reporting

    Reporting is key in business applications, but can be time consuming to implement. With ComponentOne Reports, nothing's too difficult. With the simple, ready to use and free to distribute ReportDesigner application and all the features you need to create a complete reporting solution, Reports for WinForms simplifies reporting for you. Reports for WinForms provides a robust collection of Reporting and Printing tools in one package.

  • Modern UI + Touch

    Modern UI + Touch

    Create a modern look and feel for your applications with TileControl for WinForms. Put every piece of your application at the user’s fingertips with touch support, data binding, and live update capabilities. Utilize your team’s existing skills to create desktop applications that have the same look and feel as Windows Store apps.

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  • Complex Data Visualization... Simplified

    Complex Data Visualization... Simplified

    Data's the single most important entity for any organization and how well data is visualized can make or break an application. ComponentOne controls can help manage and visualize data -- with over 80 Chart Types and easy-to-use Gauges you can create a dashboard a class apart. Our controls are easy to use and allow full customization so you can present the data you need when you need it.

    Charts Gauges FlexGrid True DBGrid

  • Why Build from Scratch?

    Why Build from Scratch?

    Why start from scratch when you don't have to? Take inspiration from our hundreds of samples and raise your prototyping to the next level. With over 500 individual control samples plus a number of reference applications to help you visualize the future of the desktop, ComponentOne controls simplify the development and architecture of your business-oriented applications.

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