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Powerful UI and Data Visualization Controls for the Windows Store

Get UI controls for data visualization, document viewing, text editing, and more inside ComponentOne Studio® for WinRT XAML. Designed for modern UI and touch-first user experiences, the unique functionality of these controls gives you the power to build better and more compelling Windows Store apps.

WinRT XAML at-a-glance

  • 40+ Windows 8.1 XAML controls
  • Data visualization for dashboards
  • Document viewing and editing
  • Mapping and scheduling
  • Full touch and gesture support
  • Light, dark and high-contrast themes
  • UI automation (UIA) support
  • Windows RT support
  • Code compatibility with Windows Phone and WPF

Features & Highlights

  • Stunning and Superior Data Visualization

    Stunning and Superior Data Visualization

    With 30+ chart types, flexible data binding, run-time interaction, rich styling capabilities, and many extensibility points, C1Chart is the most advanced charting control on the market. For simpler, lighter charting we have C1Sparkline too. With C1Maps we bring you a touch-enabled map control with vector and UI element layers that help bring your dashboards to life!

    Chart Sparkline Gauges Maps

  • Edit, Sort, and Filter Your Data

    Edit, Sort, and Filter Your Data

    Only with the legendary C1FlexGrid control can you get tabular data editing for the Windows Store. Display data records across columns and down rows with this simple, yet powerful grid control. Plus, add live sorting, filtering, and grouping to any list control with C1CollectionView.

    FlexGrid CollectionView

  • Build Complete Scheduling Solutions

    Build Complete Scheduling Solutions

    Build a complete, custom scheduling app with ease using the C1Scheduler control. Schedule one-time, all day, or recurring appointments with reminders, labels, and availability status just like Microsoft Outlook® and the Windows 8 Calendar app. With complete data binding, import and export, and touch support, developing a complete scheduling app has never been easier!

    Scheduler Calendar

  • View Documents and Reports

    View Documents and Reports

    Add document viewing capabilities to your Windows Store apps. The C1PdfViewer control can display PDF documents within your applications - no external application needed. Load arbitrary PDF documents with support for smooth page navigation and zooming. Use our PDF Library to generate your own documents in code.

    PdfViewer PDF Library

  • Reuse Your Code, Multi-target

    Reuse Your Code, Multi-target

    Leverage your WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Phone knowledge to build modern applications for Windows 8. Studio for WinRT XAML controls share the same codebase as our other XAML studios so they have similar feature sets and APIs. Reuse your XAML code and save development time by multi-targeting.

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