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UI and Data Visualization Controls for Windows Phone Silverlight

Maintain your apps and target older versions of Windows Phone. ComponentOne Studio® for Windows Phone includes over 30 UI controls that work in Windows Phone Silverlight 7.1, 8.0 and 8.1. These controls have a common API to our latest WinRT XAML 8.1 controls so you can still reuse much of your code and target more Windows Phone users. Get the popular controls like C1Chart, C1PdfViewer, C1RichTextBox and more.

Planning to build Universal Windows Apps? Download our Universal Windows Phone controls as part of Studio for WinRT XAML.

Features & Highlights

  • Stunning and Superior Data Visualization

    Stunning and Superior Data Visualization

    With 40+ chart types, flexible data binding, optimization for large data sets, and so many extensibility points, Chart for Windows Phone is a powerful data visualization control you need in your toolbox. We have you covered when it comes to maps and gauges too. Maps for Windows Phone is a custom, online map viewer with vector and UI element layers which help deliver geographic visualizations. And our animated and stylish Gauges for Windows Phone help bring your dashboards to life!

    Chart Gauges Maps

  • Comprehensive PDF Support

    Comprehensive PDF Support

    Get complete support for reading and writing PDF files in your Windows Phone apps. Display your PDF documents and reports using the essential PdfViewer for Windows Phone. The control has smooth scrolling and zooming and even supports bookmark navigation and text search. In addition you can export your data and create new PDFs on the fly using our PDF library.

    PdfViewer PDF Library

  • Display and Edit HTML and Rich Text

    Display and Edit HTML and Rich Text

    RichTextBox for Windows Phone is the only Windows Phone control available that enables rich text editing in both RTF and HTML formats. You can also use the control to display blocks of rich html such as RSS, Atom and JSON content. The control has support for tables, images, hyperlinks, emoticons and most standard CSS styles.


  • Manage Microsoft Excel Files

    Manage Microsoft Excel Files

    The ComponentOne Excel for Windows Phone library takes the hard work out of handling Microsoft Excel files in your apps. Download and read XLSX and CSV files with just a few lines of code. You can even use the C1FlexGrid control to display the spreadsheet content.

    Excel FlexGrid

  • Reuse Your Code, Multi-target

    Reuse Your Code, Multi-target

    Leverage your WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Store knowledge to build mobile applications for Windows Phone. Studio for Windows Phone controls share the same codebase as our other XAML studios so they have similar feature sets and APIs. Reuse your XAML code; save development time by multi-targeting.

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