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Introducing the ground-breaking ComponentOne TouchToolkit for WinForms. Designed to give your applications a fresh and updated feel, TouchToolkit for WinForms is the first toolkit of its kind in the industry. Go above and beyond only enabling touch support on the control level. This cutting edge toolkit allows you to add touch to your entire application including gesture support and other advanced features.

How it Works

ComponentOne TouchToolkit for WinForms was created to allow developers to create and update applications that are touch enabled without having to jump through hoops. To begin using the TouchToolkit for WinForms, all you need to do is drag and drop one of the controls listed below onto the design surface, set the properties that you want, and rebuild the application. That’s it! So now you have an enterprise application that supports numerous touch devices, all in just a few clicks.

Controls Included

  • C1Magnify enables a magnifier tool for text fields.
  • C1ApplicationZoom enables zoom gestures in all forms within an application.
  • C1Zoom enables zoom gesture support at the form level.
  • C1ZoomPanel enables zoom gesture support for panels within a form.
  • C1MultiScaleImage enables users to open a multi-resolution image, which can display different images for different zoom factors.
  • C1TouchEventProvider provides touch events to any control within a gesture-enabled form Can trap Windows 8 events such as tap and hold and pen flicks.


Touch Support in any WinForms Application

Go above and beyond just touch support at the control level. Enable touch for your entire application. Touch Support in any WinForms Application

Gesture Support

Easily navigate through your application with full-featured gestures like pinch-to-zoom, swipe, expand, and many more. Gesture Support

Touch-friendly Control Bar

Add an easy-to-use control bar to your applications to enable touch-friendly navigation Touch-friendly Control Bar

Zoom, Magnification, and Pan Support

Smaller device? No problem. With zoom, magnification, and pan support, you can easily navigate through your applications even on the smallest Windows device. Zoom, Magnification, and Pan Support


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