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Get a hierarchical view of your data items with ComponentOne TreeView™ for Silverlight. It's similar to the TreeView controls available in WPF and Windows Forms, but provides more powerful features like auto-search, drag-and-drop and hierarchical templates.


Drag-and-drop Nodes

C1TreeView supports drag-and-drop operations within the tree. Simply set the AllowDragDrop property to true and users will be able to reorder nodes within the tree by dragging them with the mouse. You can customize the drag/drop indicators. Drag-and-drop Nodes

Customizable Drag-drop Behavior

TreeView fires events during drag-drop operations so you can customize their behavior. For example, you can prevent some nodes from being dragged or some nodes from acting as drop targets. Customizable Drag-drop Behavior


With C1TreeView, you can easily jump to a letter in the node with auto-search. Just type a letter to go to a specific tree node. Auto-search

Hierarchical Templates

You can use different templates for different node types without having to subclass the C1TreeViewItem class. Hierarchical Templates

Editable Nodes

Provide editing functionality of node items using the customizable EditTemplate property. Editable Nodes

Customizable Nodes

Node headers are content elements, so they can host any type of element. Add images, checkboxes, or whatever your application requires. Add textboxes to create an editable TreeView. Customizable Nodes

Show Connecting Lines

Show connected lines in C1TreeView by simply setting the ShowLines property. This gives the appearance of a classic windows treeview. Adjust the appearance of the lines with several simple properties (LineThickness/LineStroke). Show Connecting Lines

Keyboard Navigation

Use the cursor keys to navigate the nodes, expanding and collapsing them as you go. Or use the auto-search feature to find specific nodes quickly and easily. Keyboard Navigation

Easily Change Colors with ClearStyle

TreeView supports ComponentOne ClearStyle™ technology which allows you to easily change control brushes without having to override templates. By just setting a few brush properties in Visual Studio you can quickly style each part of the control. Easily Change Colors with ClearStyle

Silverlight Toolkit Themes

Add style to your UI with built-in support for the most popular Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit themes, including ExpressionDark, ExpressionLight, WhistlerBlue, RainerOrange, ShinyBlue, BureauBlack and Cosmopolitan. Silverlight Toolkit Themes


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