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Get a hierarchical view of your data items with ComponentOne TreeView for WinRT XAML. The familiar TreeView UI is now available for Windows 8 applications. Supports collapsible nodes, hierarchical templates, check box nodes, editing, and drag-and-drop operations (mouse only in this version).


Customizable Nodes

Node headers are content elements, so they can host any type of element. Add images, check boxes, or whatever your application requires. Provide editing functionality using the customizable EditTemplate property. Customizable Nodes

Show Connecting Lines

Show connected lines in C1TreeView by simply setting the ShowLines property. This gives the appearance of a classic windows treeview. Adjust the appearance of the lines with several simple properties (LineThickness/LineStroke). Show Connecting Lines

Hierarchical Templates

You can use different templates for different node types without having to subclass the C1TreeViewItem class. Hierarchical Templates

Drag-and-drop Nodes

The C1TreeView control supports drag-and-drop operations within the tree. Simply set the AllowDragDrop property to true and users will be able to reorder nodes within the tree by dragging them. Drag-and-drop is supported by touch input as well. Drag-and-drop Nodes


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