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ComponentOne True DBGrid® Pro 8.0 is the most robust grid available for enterprise wide database front-end application development. It allows end-users to browse, edit, add, and delete data in a tabular format. True DBGrid includes dozens of advanced data access, data presentation, and UI features.



Easily create a matrix-like presentation where multiple columns represent values of a single database column and do it without writing complex code! For example, you can have 12 columns for months with monthly figures in cells, bound to a table where each monthly figure is stored in a separate row. This feature is made possible with the True DataControl Lite add-in that is included with True DBGrid. Crosstab

OLAP (Decision Support)

Add decision support to your applications without relying on external tools and without losing any of the customization and other features of True DBGrid! OLAP allows your end-users to explore data in different projections and hierarchies. They can interactively choose and reorder the dimensions in which data are represented and summarized.

Our OLAP feature is a distinct improvement over existing OLAP choices because you no longer have to rely on external tools to add OLAP functionality to your applications - you can continue to use True DBGrid, with its familiar object model. Additionally, True DBGrid is fully customizable and programmable in OLAP mode, as it is in all other modes. You can make your OLAP solutions look and feel like other aspects of your application so that your end-users won't need to learn additional tools and user interfaces. OLAP is made possible with the True DataControl Lite add-in that is included with True DBGrid.

OLAP (Decision Support)

Rich Scrolling Capabilities

True DBGrid includes scroll tracking and scroll tips, which allow you to track the location of your scroll bar and give end-users an informational pop-up as the scroll bar moves. Rich Scrolling Capabilities

Microsoft Excel-style Cell Selection

In addition to selecting rows and columns, True DBGrid allows you to select any range of cells. Microsoft Excel-style Cell Selection

Additional Display Modes

You can present data in useful formats: Form View repositions data in a standard "form" that can be modified as needed, and Inverted Mode repositions rows as columns to provide a convenient "read down" format. Additional Display Modes

Enhanced Print Options

True DBGrid includes enhanced print options, such as additional zoom and print preview capabilities, to give you full control over printing. Enhanced Print Options

Bi-directional Language Support

True DBGrid includes support for both right-to-left and left-to-right languages. Bi-directional Language Support

FilterBar Data Entry Row

Implement custom end-user operations, such as incremental search and recordset filtering, with an easy-to-use interface. FilterBar Data Entry Row

Native Integration with True DataControl™

Instantly add powerful data access and manipulation capabilities! Native Integration with True DataControl™

Expanded Styles

Expanded styles in True DBGrid let you customize row, column, and cell borders using new appearance, size, color, and type properties. Expanded Styles

Automatic Grid Cell Translation to True DBDropDown Values

Connect a TDBDropDown control to a table containing a value and representation. The drop-down will automatically map the representation to the value. Automatic Grid Cell Translation to True DBDropDown Values

Microsoft Outlook-style Grouping

End-users can dynamically reorder or group fixed, nonscrolling columns on the left side of the grid as in Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook-style Grouping

Automatic Column Sizing

Keep your data viewable by resizing columns proportionately whenever the grid is resized horizontally. Automatic Column Sizing

Merge Contiguous Like-valued Cells

True DBGrid gives you the ability to merge like-valued cells of a column into a single cell. Merge Contiguous Like-valued Cells

Fixed, Nonscrolling Columns

Create fixed, nonscrolling columns anywhere in the grid – create a fixed left or right-most column or even to fix a column in the middle of the grid. Creating fixed columns is also easy to do with splits. Fixed, Nonscrolling Columns

Reusable Grid Layouts

Grid layouts can be saved to a file, then reused in other projects. Multiple layouts can be stored in a single grid at design time, then loaded as needed in code. End-user layout preferences can also be saved to a file, then recalled the next time the application is run. Reusable Grid Layouts


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