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Visualize Data with Industry-leading .NET Chart Controls

Part of Studio for WinForms, this collection of .NET Windows Forms charting controls gives you over 80 types of 2D and 3D charts, customizable charting elements, visual effects, end-user interaction, advanced mouse-tracking capabilities, and more. With point-and-click designers, adding data visualization to your WinForms applications has never been easier.

  • 2D and 3D Chart Controls

    2D and 3D Chart Controls

    Chart for WinForms includes two .NET charting controls, C1Chart and C1Chart3D, that provide virtually any type of chart you need

  • Over 80 Chart Types

    Over 80 Chart Types

    Choose from over 80 variations of all popular 2D and 3D chart types including bar, line, area, pie, and advanced chart types like bubble, candle, gantt, polar, radar, and contour surface.

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  • Chart Wizard for Code-Free Development

    Chart Wizard for Code-Free Development

    Design and populate your chart from start to finish without writing a single line of code. The Chart Wizard walks beginners through the steps of creating a new chart from start to finish in three easy steps. Use the Properties window to set more advanced features such as trend lines, labels, and all style attributes. You can also modify chart elements such as header, footer, and legend and even edit the chart’s data.

  • Combine Multiple Series and Chart Types

    Combine Multiple Series and Chart Types

    Create an area-scatter combination chart or a bar-candle combination chart. Show relational data better with two chart groups in a single chart plot area.

  • Financial Chart Types

    Financial Chart Types

    Use Chart for WinForms in .NET financial applications right out of the box with Hi-Low, Hi-Low-Open-Close, and Candle chart types.

  • Custom or Automatic Data Labels

    Customize and attach any number of labels to data points and axis values. Chart Labels can be set up at design time, in code, or automatically for you and they can easily be mapped to individual data points.

  • Highly Interactive

    Chart provides built-in interaction including mouse-driven data highlighting, rotation, scaling, translating and zooming.

  • Dynamic Data Binding

    Establish data binding at design time or at run time through code. Just choose which data fields should be bound to X and Y (and sometimes Y2 and Z) for each data series. Chart also supports binding to value arrays. Just use the CopyIn methods to populate your charts with arrays at run time.

Alarm Zones

Add alarm zones to your charts to draw attention to certain values or ranges. Specify ranges along an axis or draw a rectangle that highlights an area of interest, such as plot points that fall in a dangerously low zone. Alarm Zones

Data Highlighting

Add data highlighting to mark specific data points so they stand out to the user. You can set plot element styles to change when the user mouses over or clicks them, or just highlight the maximum or minimum values regardless of the dataset. Data Highlighting

Automatic Trend Lines

Chart can automatically generate trend lines based on your data points including polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, power, fourier, averages, minimums, and maximums. Trend lines are automatically re-calculated any time a data value changes. Automatic Trend Lines

Visual Enhancements

  • Turn on anti-aliasing for smoother drawing of all chart elements.
  • Add 3D effects for most 2D charts including line, area, bar, pie, and step.
  • Graphically enhance chart elements using the Visual Effects editor. Apply angle, gradient, intensity, scaling, and shape to change the effects of the light source.
  • Choose from 15 different chart symbols for plotted points (circle, square, star, etc).
  • Choose from 22 different color schemes for plot elements or customize your own.
  • Add alpha-transparencies and hatch styles to plot elements.

Visual Enhancements

Advanced Mouse Tracking and Tooltips

Chart has advanced mouse tracking capabilities which enables any imaginable interaction possible. It has built-in tooltip support for displaying plotted values as the user hovers over the chart, but you can take this much further with click-and-drag interactions. You could, for instance, open up a new form when the user clicks a specific data point or allow users to drag and reposition points at run time. The possibilities are endless. Advanced Mouse Tracking and Tooltips


When you have a substantial amount of X-values or Y-values in your chart data, you can add a scrollbar to the axes. Adding a scrollbar can make the data on the chart easier to read by scrolling through it so you can closely view pieces of data one at a time. Scrolling is also useful when zoomed in on the chart area. Scrollbars

Image Export

Charts can be saved to any number of image formats (metafile, .bmp, .png, .jpg, etc.), which you can then use to render charts in PDF, Reports, PrintDocuments, and more. Image Export

Print and Preview

Chart allows you to print and preview your chart. Specify scaling and page settings or use the default values. Preview your chart in grayscale when using non-color printers. Print and Preview

User Customization

Just call the ShowProperties method and you can display the design-time Properties editor at run time. This enables end users to modify most aspects of the chart at run time making Chart the perfect tool to put chart creation into the hands of your end users. User Customization

Save and Load

Charts can be saved to an XML file or a string. You can then easily load saved charts at run time. Save and Load

Automatic Contours and Zones

The C1Chart3D control automatically generates contour lines and zones based on your data and the number of zones desired. Colorize each zone using one of the built-in color spectrums or create your own. C1Chart3D will create intermediate colors automatically for smooth transitions between contoured zones. Automatic Contours and Zones

4D Charting Capabilities

C1Chart3D enables developers to represent four-dimensional plots and Bar charts using color as the fourth dimension. 4D charts are useful for visualizing two sets of identically sized data in one chart. 4D Charting Capabilities


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