ActiveReports 8 Server Core

Deploy Reports with Ease

ActiveReports 8 Server Core is an optional server add-on for ActiveReports 8.This server based platform adds enterprise grade scalability and redundancy designed specifically for reporting. It also includes support for multi-tenant reporting, security extensibility, data caching and report optimization features that every application needs to ensure high performance.

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    ActiveReports 8 Server lets you roll-out server side scalability, redundancy, scheduling and other reporting platform features easily, with no per-user fees.

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    ActiveReports 8 Server provides built in tools for administrators to configure, maintain and manage the report server and keep it running at an optimal pace.

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    End Users

    Use the web-based interactive report portal to access reports on the go, anywhere, through any device.

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Features & Highlights for Developers

ActiveReports 8 Server lets you easily add out-of-the-box Web-based reporting, with no per-user fees.

  • Ship_out_of_box_report_portal

    Ship out-of-the-box report portal

    • Easily embed the web-based report designer viewers, using built-in ASP.NET components.
    • Use the convenient Web services API to give your application access to report services and user authentication.
    • Get off to a quick start with ActiveReports 8 Server’s .NET class library and SDK, including samples and walkthroughs.
  • Extend Server Side Benefits - Role Admin

    Extend server-side benefits to ActiveReports 8 reports

    • Use existing ActiveReports and Data Dynamics Reports (*.rdlx) files.
    • Add scalable server-side storage and role-based security with no extra effort.
    • Enable out-of-the-box scheduling and distribution, giving users complete control over their reports.
    • Provide centralized rendering and report-browsing support.
  • Royalty Free

    Get royalty free, perpetual licensing—with no per-user fees

    • Save money with server based licensing and no end user fees or run-time royalties.
    • Get unlimited use with perpetual licensing: pay once and use it as long as you want.
  • Benefits from Builtin SaaS and on-premise surrpot - Rebranding

    Benefit from built-in SaaS and on-premise support

    • Easily deploy Software-as-a-Service offerings, including those in multi-tenant configurations.
    • Rebrand the report designer and viewer with your own colors, captions, etc.
    • Take advantage of ActiveReports 8 Server’s proven performance and scalability.
  • Intelligent/Distributed Load Balancing

    Intelligent/Distributed Load Balancing

    • Managed agents run reports as multi-threaded processes.
    • Server based load balancer built in to distribute load across available agents.
    • Plug-n-Play Agent architecture offers elastic scalability and failover possibilities.
  • Optimized Data Storage_Caching - Data Caching

    Optimized Data Storage/Caching

    • Report Engine optimization through context-based data caching.
    • Reduce the number of trips your reports take to talk to your database.
    • Incrementally reduce report rendering time for your users.
    • Increase the responsiveness of your reports.
  • Scheduling


    • Provide managed scheduling features to your end users.
    • Allow Email distribution as well as windows fileshare outputs.
    • Allow customization of Email content for each report.
    • Multiple schedules for each report allow for different times for running as well as different parameter values.
    • Choose to attach as an exported file or as a link to email content.
  • Extensible SecurityProvider - Will Need Cleanup

    Extensible Security Providers

    • Extend your user security into the server.
    • Use your application membership providers with ActiveReports to secure your reports.
    • Use the built-in ActiveDirectory and LDAP security providers.
  • Single Sign On/ Multi-Tenant Support

    Single Sign On/ Multi-Tenant Support

    • Implement Single-Sign-On scenarios with external applications into your Report Portal.
    • Built-in Multi-tenant support for context sensitive security scenarios.
    • Integrate with data security using user context sensitive inputs from your user managment module.

Features & Highlights for IT Managers & Admins

ActiveReports 8 Server provides built in tools for administrators to configure, maintain and manage the report server and keep it running at an optimal pace. With plug-and-play scalability, simple installation, and web-based administration, you can remotely access and manage the server without any additional installations from a desktop or a mobile device through a modern browser.

  • Easy/Flexible Licensing

    Easy/Flexible Licensing

    • Server-based perpetual licensing for cost-effective deployment to large numbers of users.
    • No end user costs.
    • No additional cost for managed agents as your deployment scales with user load.
    • Low Total Cost of Ownership.
  • ComponentOne

    Benefit from ComponentOne's proven, world-class expertise in developer solutions

    ActiveReports 8 is built on ComponentOne's award-winning line of ActiveReports products, used by tens of thousands of .NET developers for more than 20 years. You can be confident that:

    • We understand what developers need to be successful.
    • We know what it takes to support developers and software companies.
    • Our professional services teams can provide any integration assistance you might need.
  • Resource Management - Admin Dashboard

    Web Based Administration

    • Web-based Administration Dashboard to manage and configure the server.
    • Manage Security, Licenses, SMTP, Agents and other key aspects through the web.
    • Manage your Report Server remotely wherever you are.
  • RoleBased Security - AD Integration

    Role Based Security with Built-in integration with AD/LDAP.

    • Built in Role based user management.
    • Extensible Security to match with your existing setup.
    • Built-in integration with ActiveDirectory and most LDAP servers.
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    Resource Management Capabilities

    • Manage your report server resources intelligently.
    • Distribute Scheduled Reports automatically during low usage times.
    • Audit Login and Report running using built in Audit Reports.
    • Manage your Agents uptime to help with Load balancing.
  • No-fuss Installation/Maintenance

    No-fuss Installation/Maintenance

    • Simple installation on standard Windows OS with IIS.
    • Built-in Diagnostics to help identify and address configuration problems.
    • One button upgrades for new versions and service packs.
    • No complex manual steps for configuring IIS, WCF, Windows Services.
  • Self-managing scalability features make it easy to scale out as needed

    Self-managing scalability features make it easy to scale out as needed

    • Built-in load balancing and clustering uses controllers and report agents to simplify management and enhance scalability.
    • A single controller on the primary server works with multiple report agents running on local or connected servers, to allow for more effective expansion options.
    • The controller distributes incoming reporting requests between agents, balancing load and performance and simplifying scale-out.

Features & Highlights for End Users

ActiveReports 8 Server lets you provide a server based reporting portal for your users. The users can collaborate and run reports in an independent server platform specifically designed for report optimization. With an HTML5 viewer and ability to schedule reports to run automatically, you can have a report portal deployed for your users in a few short steps.

  • End User Report Portal

    End User Report Portal

    • Single location for all your reports.
    • Organize reports for easier access for users.
    • Security based report access for running/designing reports.
  • Server based collaboration

    Server based collaboration

    • Users can schedule reports to run automatically when they are away.
    • Distribute reports as links or attachments by email.
    • Distribute reports to a file server.
    • Share reports using role based security.
  • Intuitive Mobile Reporting Experience

    Intuitive mobile reporting experience

    • User interface conforms to iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.
    • Intuitive usability across devices while ensuring consistent functionality.
    • Seamless access to all information regardless of device.
  • Fast access to important information

    Fast access to important information

    • ActiveReports 8 Server Mobile - Reports List and Favorites.
    • Easily browse your reports list on a mobile device.
    • Drill down into your reports as needed.
    • Add frequently used reports to favorites for quick access.
  • Flexibility to access reports offline

    Flexibility to access reports offline

    • ActiveReports 8 Server Mobile - Support for Offline Reports.
    • Support for offline report viewing.
    • Instantly preview and print the whole report, the current page, or a range of pages.
    • Export report to Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF formats.
  • Easy sharing of reports with coworkers

    Easy sharing of reports with coworkers

    • ActiveReports 8 Server Mobile - Email Reports.
    • Ability to forward reports to coworkers from anywhere.
    • Easily send reports via email.
    • Email as a link or as an attachment.
    • Select from PDF, Excel, Word and other formats.


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