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Differences between True DBGrid and FlexGrid

Many customers ask about the differences between our WinForms grid components. While both are robust, easy-to-use grid controls that allow you to browse, edit, add, delete, and manipulate tabular data, there are several reasons why you may want to use one over the other.

Both components can be used in bound or unbound mode, but True DBGrid for WinForms allows you to work more easily in bound mode. True DBGrid for WinForms is better suited for data binding and, therefore, offers more features in that area, including split views and built-in hierarchical binding and grouping.

ComponentOne FlexGrid for WinForms, on the other hand, is more suited for working with unbound data; FlexGrid for WinForms includes features that allow you to customize trees and take advantage of its cell merging capabilities. You can also derive from it to create customized grids. It's extremely flexible and can be used to do almost anything special one might need from a grid control.

If you plan to work with your grids in unbound mode or need to customize the grid beyond what the object model offers, FlexGrid for WinForms is the right choice. However, if you plan to use your grids mainly in bound mode and require advanced features such as splits and hierarchical views, True DBGrid for WinForms is the better choice. FlexGrid also works great in bound mode too. See the feature-by-feature comparisons below for a better understanding.

Feature by Feature Comparison

True DBGrid supports the most common features out of the box (requires little to no coding). FlexGrid's true value lies beyond this list as it’s flexible to do so much more than just what’s considered “out of the box.”

FeatureTrue DBGridFlexGridDataGridView
Autogenerate Columnscheckcheckcheck
Row Header with Selection Indicatorcheckcheckcheck
Resize Columns at Run-Timecheckcheckcheck
Resize Rows at Run-Timecheckcheckcheck
Sort by Column Headercheckcheckcheck
Sort by Multiple Columnscheckcheck
Reorder Columnscheckcheckcheck
Freeze Columnscheckcheckcheck
Add New Rowcheckcheckcheck
CheckBox Columnscheckcheckcheck
Masked Edit Columnscheckcheck
Read Only Cellscheckcheckcheck
Display ComboBoxes in Cellscheckcheckcheck
Display Images in Cellscheckcheckcheck
Display Buttons in Cellscheckcheckcheck
Display RadioButtons in Cellscheckcheck*
Display Custom Editors in Cellscheck
Cell Stylingcheckcheckcheck
Autocomplete Data-Entry (like Excel)check
Data Validationcheckcheckcheck
Value Translationcheckcheck
Multi-Column Drop-Downscheckcheck*
Hierarchical (grid inside grid)checkcheck*
Filter Barcheckcheck*
Excel-like Filteringcheck
Outlook-Style Groupingcheckcheck*
Subtotal Grouping with Aggregatescheckcheck
Grouping by Intervalscheck
Inverted Data Viewcheckcheck*
Input Form Data Viewcheck
Multi-line Rowscheck
Merge Cells Verticallycheckcheck
Merge Cells Horizontallycheck
Horizontal and Vertical Splitscheck
TreeView Functionalitycheck
Deferred Scrollingcheckcheck
Print Previewcheckcheck
Import from Excelcheck
Export to Excelcheckcheck
Export to PDFcheck
Clipboard Supportcheckcheckcheck
Right-to-Left Supportcheckcheck
Office Visual Stylescheckcheck

* Requires Sample


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